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10 Best Photography Apps

Sometimes speed makes all the difference: launching the camera from the lock screen allows you to catch a photo of some unusual event or phenomenon. But if there’s no point in rushing to take a picture, it’s better to open a third-party camera. A thoughtful approach to settings and an abundance of options give you […]

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10 Websites to Find People on the Internet

Background checks haven’t always been an easy undertaking. We have had several options through the years, but modern technology has significantly made the process much easier. Platforms like TruthFinder have come in handy when one needs crucial background information on a person of interest. Some of these online resources demand a subscription, while others offer […]

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Best Intermittent Fasting Apps in 2021

Intermittent fasting, or IF, is a way of losing weight. It’s popular because users adhere to a strict scheduled eating plan which suits their lifestyle. So, if you don’t think about food while you’re working, that’s eight hours of fasting time added to your automatic overnight fasting while you’re asleep. You might be someone who […]

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Apps to Use If You’re Working from Home

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster for us all. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted people’s private and professional lives. Countless students have been affected by school closures, and unemployment rates have skyrocketed. Some companies choose to adapt to the situation by giving their employees the freedom to work from home. Even […]

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Apps to Help You Through Divorce

Divorce procedure requires plenty of time, money and efforts. It may be difficult to cope with everything on your own, so you use multiple services, look for specialists, become a burden for your friends and relatives and end up with depression. Being equipped with modern devices and tools, you can get an easy and cheap […]

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New Updates about the iPhone XL

The iPhone XL is one of the 3 phones that is rumored to be released later this year. Similar to the other 2 models, it will have a larger screen but is said to be the largest in the bunch at 6.5 inches. The supersized smartphone will have a cheaper price point as it will […]