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Withings Launches ScanWatch Nova

Withings launches today the new diving watch ScanWatch Nova, which is a slightly more luxurious hybrid watch. It can measure and track health metrics such as ECG, SpO2 (the amount of oxygen in the blood), and body temperature, as well as sleep analysis and activity tracking. It also has a battery life of 30 days. […]

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Master & Dynamic has released their first new wireless in-ear headphones since 2021, the MW09

These earphones feature an improved design, battery life, sound quality, and call quality, and are constructed from materials like aluminum, Kevlar, and sapphire glass. The MW09 introduces a new acoustic architecture with 11 mm beryllium drivers for a more expansive sound profile. The active noise cancellation has been enhanced with new microphone and sensor placements […]

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Meta and Ray-Ban unveil new smart glasses

Meta, in collaboration with Ray-Ban, has revealed the second version of their smart glasses, which were previously known as “Ray-Ban Stories.” However, the new version has been renamed and is now called “Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses.” The idea behind these smart glasses is that they should serve as both a pair of headphones/headset and allow […]

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CMF by Nothing releases its first gadgets

Nothing’s subsidiary, CMF, has now released its first series of products, consisting of a smartwatch, a pair of headphones, and a charger. The Buds Pro feature active noise cancellation and provide up to 11 hours of music playback with noise cancellation off. With the charging case, you can get a total of 39 hours of […]

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Github releases AI-powered chatbot Copilot Chat

Github is now making its chatbot, Copilot Chat, publicly available after it rolled out in a closed beta version since last summer. Copilot Chat is an AI-driven chatbot that can serve as a programming assistant. Using the programming service, developers can receive suggestions for code snippets and other resources to use while using Github Copilot […]

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Samsung introduces a 200 MP telephoto sensor

Samsung confirms plans to implement a 200-megapixel sensor for the telephoto camera in its upcoming smartphones. In a blog post, Samsung describes the advantages of this combination of sensor and telephoto optics. Such an upgrade could potentially deliver better photos and videos even in low light and at night, thanks to pixel binning and in-sensor […]

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Trombone Champ is coming to Nintendo Switch

During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the highly anticipated music game Trombone Champ is coming to Nintendo Switch. The game involves players going through a story by playing the trombone. There is also a mode where players can simply play the trombone and the option to do so with up to three other […]

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Blackmagic releases camera app for iOS

Film camera company Blackmagic Design has launched the Blackmagic Camera app, a new iOS app that integrates with Blackmagic Cloud and uploads content directly to the video editing app DaVinci Resolve. The app is designed to offer the same digital film camera controls and image processing features available with Blackmagic Design’s cameras. Of course, videos […]

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iPhone 15 Pro adds support for Thread

Something Apple didn’t talk about at the release is that the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max are their first phones to feature the relatively new Wifi 6E standard, which can also utilize the 6 GHz frequency. However, that’s not the only new addition when it comes to wireless connections; these phones have also […]

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Marshall Launches Motif II In-Ear Headphones

Marshall is now releasing the second generation of its Motif in-ear headphones. The new model includes the new Bluetooth standard, BT LE Audio, which is designed to provide better sound quality and range, as well as improved latency for activities like gaming and watching movies. The battery offers up to ten hours more playtime than […]

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Bang & Olufsen launches collection with Ferrari

Collaborations between two distinct brands often tend to result in somewhat mixed outcomes. In my view, one should stick to what they do best. I remember quite well when Acer started churning out Ferrari-branded computers, and it felt like Ferrari had lost its touch. They still sell a record number of cars, but as soon […]

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Denon PerL: Tailored for Your Hearing

With Denon’s acquisition of Nura, they can now provide us with some of the most advanced earbuds on the market, namely PerL and PerL Pro. Let’s start from the beginning: Nura has created some of the most impressive products we’ve heard, including NuraPhone and the wireless earbuds NuraTrue and NuraTrue Pro. But earlier this year, […]

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Teenage Engineering Releases OB-4 in More Colors

Teenage Engineering‘s “magical radio” OB-4 is a quite fun but also expensive product, and now it’s available in multiple colors. There are a total of four new colors: orange, navy blue, gray, and beige. Previously, the OB-4 was available in black and red. The new colors can be purchased now from Teenage Engineering for $649. […]

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Now you can train ChatGPT on your own documents

OpenAI is now offering the capability to customize and enhance GPT-3.5 Turbo, the AI model powering the free version of ChatGPT. By using the API, users can train the model using customized data, such as company documents or project descriptions. According to OpenAI, a fine-tuned model can perform as well as GPT-4 in some scenarios, […]

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Beats releases headphones in new colors

Beats has now launched their latest headphones, the Beats Studio Buds Plus, in two new colors in collaboration with Olive & June, who will be selling nail polish in the same two colors. In addition to the intriguing color collaboration, these relatively new headphones feature support for Google’s Fast Pair and Apple’s iCloud pairing, as […]

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NASA launches streaming service

NASA announced yesterday that they will soon launch NASA+, a new streaming service that will be free. On NASA+, viewers will be able to watch live broadcasts from NASA as well as documentaries and other programs that NASA has recorded over the years. The service will be available through NASA’s apps for iOS and Android, […]

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ChatGPT is coming to Android next week

OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, will be available as an app for Android next week. ChatGPT in app form has been available on iOS for a few months, but soon Android users can join in on the fun too. The app will be rolled out, so there is no specific date yet. However, you can pre-register for […]

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Humanes first product is called Ai Pin

Humanes first product is called Ai Pin and will be released “later this year.” The product is a wearable device that is attached to the chest and can project a screen powered by AI capabilities. Using a camera and computer vision software, Ai Pin can recognize objects around it, such as nutrition labels on food […]

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Razer releases the Moray earphones

Razer has now released the Moray earphones, which they claim are designed for streamers and gamers who want a comfortable earphone that can be used for longer periods of time. The Moray features THX sound support as well as passive noise isolation of up to -36dB, as stated in a press release by Razer. They […]

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Microsoft raises the price of Xbox Series X

Microsoft announced today that they will increase the price of the Xbox Series X console in most countries starting from August 1st. The new official price will be €549.99, which is €50 more than the current recommended Euro price. In addition, they will also raise the price of Xbox Game Pass from $9.99 to $10.99 […]

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Release trailer for Park Beyond

Yesterday, Bandai Namco released their amusement park builder that doesn’t quite adhere to the laws of physics, Park Beyond. Just like the classic Theme Park, players must build exciting amusement parks and keep their visitors happy. It’s all about balancing the imagination for thrilling rides with the financial sense to ensure there’s money left for […]