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The Best Marshall Headphones of 2023

If you are a person who has been into classic rock, metal, prog or alternative then you may have already heard of Marshall as they have quite a big reputation when it comes to their amps and speaker stacks, however they have also been making headphones for a few years now as well. These headphones […]

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The Best Luxury Smart Speakers

When you hear someone mention the words ‘smart speaker’ then the first things that may come to mind are the Amazon Echo and Google Nest Audio, however, even though these speakers are definitely smart, they do just have the same intelligence as any other Alexa or Google Assistant and may also lack the volume and […]

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The best gravel wheels in 2023

When it comes to the best gravel wheels that you can purchase in 2023, they’ll have to be light, stiff and durable. These types of wheels have been specifically built to withstand the rough terrain from the mixed surfaces that you may be riding on. These wheels have also been designed in a way such […]

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Insta360 X3 – Review

Specs Sensor Dual 48MP ½” sensors Video 5.7K 360-degree, 4K up to 30fps LCD 2.29-inch touchscreen Video modes Active HDR, Timelapse, Timeshift, Bullet time Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C Memory card MicroSD UHS-I Size 114mm x 46mm x 33.1mm Weight 180g Battery  1800mAh Price $449.99 What is the Insta360 X3? The Insta360 X3 is essentially […]

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A Quick iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Review for Those Who Missed The Latest Apple Event

Apple has just unveiled its latest high-end smartphones, introducing the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. These cutting-edge devices mark a significant step forward in Apple’s mobile technology. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, introduced these new devices during Apple’s Wonderlust event at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, though rumours had been circulating for […]

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A Quick Review on The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus  For Those Who Missed Apples Latest Event

In a long-anticipated move, Apple has introduced the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus in their latest Apple Event, marking a significant shift by adopting the widely embraced USB-C standard instead of their proprietary Lightning connector. This transition was prompted by Apple’s commitment to align with forthcoming European Union regulations. The iPhone 15 series, making this […]

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The Best Marshall Speakers of 2023

In the world of rock and metal music, Marshall’s logo is as iconic as the Metallica emblem, the AC/DC insignia, and the Def Leppard font. This is because Marshall’s distinctive branding has graced the biggest rock ‘n’ roll stages for many decades. While their renowned script is most familiar on the front of amplifiers, it’s […]

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Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – Review

With the Xbox Cloud Gaming system, you’ll now be able to stream Xbox games and have access to the Xbox ecosystem without even needing to ever purchase a console. This feature is so far available on Android, iOS, PC and of course the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles. What is the Xbox Game […]

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Marshall Acton lll – Review

In a world filled with portable and rugged Bluetooth speakers, Marshall stands out by taking an entirely different approach. Marshall’s speakers are reminiscent of their iconic guitar amps and serve as captivating showpieces for your living space. The Marshall Acton III, priced at $279.99 and a successor to the Acton II, continues this tradition. It […]

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The Best Bang & Olufsen Speaker For You

Bang & Olufsen is renowned for producing speakers that combine exceptional aesthetics with top-notch audio quality, whether they operate via Bluetooth or other means. Within the Bang & Olufsen audio product lineup, there are two primary categories: Beolab, catering to the discerning hi-fi enthusiasts, and Beosound, encompassing the more consumer-oriented offerings. The Beosound category boasts […]

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Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay Portal Gaming Headset Takes The Gaming Experience to a New Level

In the world of gaming peripherals, where innovation meets immersion, Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay Portal gaming headset has been a game-changer in their arsenal. This special gaming headset that they came out with has been specifically designed to cater to the discerning needs of Xbox players seeking a premium audio solution. The Beoplay Portal  by […]

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Understanding Cranksets

One of the most important parts of your bicycle, and arguably the heart of any bike, is the crankset, also known as a chainset. The crankset is one of the most crucial components that help move the chain as you’re pedalling.  This guide will include all the information that you may need to know about […]

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The Insta360 Flow Review

The Insta360 Flow is definitely a really tempting offer for those who are looking for an affordable all-in-one smartphone camera companion as it not only performs well at the basics but also adds thoughtful touches, such as the built-in cold shoe and extending tripod legs.  Specs Weight 369g Folded Size 79.6mm x 162.1mm x 36mm […]

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The Different Crankset Types

Cranksets are a really important part of your bike and may very well be the most important part as it is the thing that allows your bike to move forward. The various crankset designs out there will differ from one another depending on the type of riding that they have been designed for. In this […]

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Final Fantasy XVI – Game Review

Even though there have been many mainline entries as well as a bunch of spinoffs, there really isn’t another Final Fantasy game quite like Final Fantasy XVI (16). This latest addition to the well known Final Fantasy series is different from the RPG foundation that it was built on, and more of an evolution of […]

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Smart Speaker vs Smart Display

If you are building a smart home, or already have one, then smart speakers and smart displays are the foundations of said homes and are extremely important. These devices come with voice assistants as well as the ability to connect to a huge variety of smart devices, and could even act as the central command […]

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Best Mini Bike Pumps in 2023

This article is for those riders out there that are in the market for a new mini bike pump, or their very first one. In this article you’ll see some of the best mini bike pumps that you’ll be able to get your hands on in 2023, as well as information on them, to help […]

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The Best CO2 Inflators For Your Bike

If you’re out, in terrible  winter weather, with a flat tyre or a puncture and are in a hurry to get out of there, CO2 inflators become your best friend. A CO2 inflator is a pressurised canister of carbon dioxide gas, and when it is pierced into your tyre, the gas expands to fill up […]

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Best Floor Bike Pumps

In this article you’ll get a full list of some of the best, most reliable and durable pumps that there are in 2023. It’s a good idea for each rider to at least have one decent floor pump at home, and if you’re planning on building anything like a home workshop then it should be […]