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Check out a replay of Starship’s launch

This past weekend, SpaceX tested launching its spacecraft Starship with the accompanying Super Heavy booster for the second time. If you missed how it looked, you can check out a clip showing the launch from some new angles below. The launch did not go entirely as SpaceX had hoped. The separation between Starship and Super […]

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Fiat releases Topolino with doors

In early June, Fiat unveiled the Topolino Dolcevita, perhaps the cutest little car in the world. The problem was that it didn’t have any doors, but now Fiat has introduced a slightly more practical version simply called Topolino. There are two versions available, but otherwise, there is no choice. All of them will be delivered […]

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Apple trademarks xrOS

Apple has now registered “xrOS” in New Zealand, which is the first time the company has indirectly revealed the name of the operating system for its upcoming AR/VR headset. We also see that “xrOS” is written with Apple’s San Francisco font, just like macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Presumably, “xr” stands for “extended reality,” which […]

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Ten minutes of The Invincible

Here, IGN offers some gameplay from the upcoming game The Invincible. The game is developed by the Polish game studio Starward Industries, which consists of developers who have previously worked on The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, and Dying Light. The game has been described as a sci-fi thriller with significant elements of retro-futurism, where the player […]

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Bang & Olufsen introduces Beosound A5

Bang & Olufsen is back with the new portable high-end speaker Beosound A5, designed in collaboration with the Danish-Italian design duo GamFratesi. The speaker is available in two colors, natural aluminum with a woven paper fiber front and a light oak handle, and a black aluminum version in anthracite with a speaker cover and handle […]

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Xiaomi introduces the 13 Ultra

Xiaomi has finally unveiled its latest flagship phone, which completes the other phones in the 13 series. The new phone, called the Xiaomi 13 Ultra, features a 1-inch Sony IMX989 sensor with a variable aperture between f/1.9 and f/4.0. Xiaomi is not the first manufacturer to offer a variable aperture; Sony and Samsung have also […]

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Nike releases sneaker collection as NFT

Nike continues its crypto push and will soon release its first digital sneaker collection as an NFT. It is a collection that Nike calls Our Force 1 (OF1) which is a tribute to Nike’s classic sneaker model, Air Force 1. Nike’s OF1 collection will be sold through the company’s NFT platform .SWOOSH, which was launched […]

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India has tested its spaceplane again

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has conducted another test with its small spaceplane RLV-TD, which is a prototype of a larger spaceplane that ISRO hopes to develop for reuse in trips between Earth and space in the future. During the test, which took place on Sunday, the prototype was lifted to a height of […]

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Book recommendation: New book about Steve Jobs coming soon

A new book about Apple’s founder Steve Jobs is being released next week, where his family, friends, and former colleagues have compiled emails that Jobs sent to himself, letters, speeches, and other material from Jobs’ 56-year life into a sort of memoir. The book is called “Make Something Wonderful: Steve Jobs in his own words” […]

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Work With PDF: Ultimate Guide

Today, there is no doubt about the special demand for PDF files. Many people who work with the documents have been familiar with this format for a long time. Some people who are far from working with documents, without knowing it, also interact with files of this format quite a lot. What does PDF stand […]

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Top Samsung Phones to Buy in 2021

The list of Android phones to choose from is endless. The biggest manufacturer of those phones is Samsung. It produces many popular phones and some you may not even know. In this article, we will present to your the top Samsung phones you can buy in 2021.  Samsung Galaxy S21 The Samsung Galaxy S21 is […]

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Top 4 CRM Systems

Every company wants to have a good relationship with their customers. They do everything in their power to achieve that, some of them going as far as hiring virtual receptionists so that the clients will always be able to get in touch with the company. However, no matter how much a company does to achieve […]