There are tens of thousands of cannabis-related apps available today, which you can use on your tablet or smartphone. Most of those apps have poor designs; some have bugs, while others are just useless. Here we will take a look at some innovative cannabis apps that you can use.

Cannabis apps can be grouped into two, some help farmers, and some assist people who use cannabis products.

Cannabis apps for farmers and businesses


simLeaf is one of the best cannabis apps you can find out there. The app is a simulator that helps farmers try different farming methods. In the process, the farmer will know the ways and conditions to grow the cannabis plant.

First of all, the app has different variables and settings which you can adjust to try different conditions. It also offers the user an option to try different strains. It is also possible to choose the lighting properties by choosing either a 1000W or 600W lamp. You can also control the nutrient regime or adjust soil pH.

The user must take care of each plant, and if you neglect a plant, it dies, but if you take care of each plant carefully, you get a virtual harvest reward. By the time you harvest, you will have learned a lot about cannabis farming. The app is also cheap since it costs $1.99 on iOS.


Growtronix is one of the most highly regarded apps in the cannabis apps market. Although it is not available on the usual app stores, you can get hold of it by directly contacting the developer.

Growtronix offers an automation system that you can apply in your growroom. It offers many pieces of software and hardware. For just a basic package, you get network interface, controllers, and humidity, and temperature sensors. It also comes with an all-inclusive software suite, which includes smartphone apps and desktop. The price for the app starts from $489.99.


Leafly is one of the most famous cannabis apps in the world. It has high ratings and has a lot of active users. The users can review strains and also them. It is also possible to rate and review edibles, dispensaries, and many other cannabis-related products.

Because of the many active users, you can be sure that someone will comment about a strain that you are searching for.

Growers, recreational users, and patients leave reviews regularly, thus ensuring that the app is a reliable source of useful information. Some useful information that you can find in this app includes facts about cannabis growing tips and medical applications of marijuana-related products.

The apps also show the latest reports, news, and events regarding cannabis. You can download Leafly from Android and iOS free.


WeedMaps was founded in 2008, and it has now become a giant in the cannabis industry. The app’s purpose is to cover as many businesses, doctors, delivery services, and cannabis specialists as possible.

When using the app for the first time, it will request you to share your location. After that, it will show the closest locations where you can buy cannabis-related medicines and even cannabis itself. The app also gives you the option of searching what you need by products, brands, and location, among others.

WeedMaps can also help you locate deals that are near you and also find people to connect with. The app also has exclusive content such as how-to’s, and documentaries in their WeedMaps television channel. You can get the app from Android and iOS free of charge.

Cannabis apps for users


Eaze is a top-rated but straightforward app that has a design similar to Lyft or Uber. As a user, you place an order, and you can track the delivery until the order arrives at your doorstep. Another essential feature of this app is that it can connect you t a doctor. It makes it easier to get cannabis-based prescriptions.

The doctor can also help you get a marijuana card if you do not have it, making it easier for you to get cannabis medicine without the need to leave the house. It is a useful feature, especially for people who have problems with mobility. It is free on iOS and Android, but currently, it is only available in the United States.

My Canary

My Canary is an app that was created by NORML. The purpose of this app is to help you know how stoned you are to assess if you can drive a car. It makes use of tests used by law enforcers and takes you through a series of sobriety tests.

Some of the tests include balancing one foot, estimating periods, and memorizing several numbers. After collecting the data, the results are displayed in various colors, depending on how intoxicated you are. Red means you are stoned, yellow indicates you are semi-sober, and green implies you are sober. It is available on Android and iOS for free.

Cannabis legendz cookbook

Cannabis legendz cookbook is an excellent app for people who aspire to become weed chefs. The app offers creative ways to come up with some great edibles. It also offers users a fun and creative way by ensuring that you have a constant source of ideas. The app provides recipes that are savory and sweet.

You can use the app to come up with a series of assorted edibles such as cakes, brownies, and even coming up with two or three-course meals which you can share with your friends. The app also offers recipes for preparing spaghetti, pizza, tea, and many more.


MassRoots is one of the most popular cannabis apps all over the world. Currently, it has more than a million active users. It creates a network of people who love cannabis across all sectors of the industry, including recreation and healthcare.

Users can share information that is related to the cannabis industry. The users can also share cannabis news, blog spots, videos, and pictures. Most people do not feel comfortable sharing their passion for cannabis on social media, and that is where MassRoots comes into the picture. You can download it on iOS and Android free of charge. However, it is not available on Google Play, but you can get it on Amazon App Store.

Final thoughts

The days of farmers writing intelligible notes on notepads are long gone. Technology has provided people with expert-based apps that help farmers improve their growing expertise. Cannabis users can now make orders, track the orders, and also connect with other people who love cannabis and share their experiences without fear of reprisal from the society.

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