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X discontinues Circles

X has announced that it is discontinuing “Circles,” the group feature that was launched last year when X was still called Twitter. The idea behind Circles was that Twitter users could create groups with up to 150 of their followers and post messages that only those in the group could see. X does not specify […]

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Twitter/X reinstates political advertisements

Twitter, or X as it’s now called, is bringing back political advertisements for the upcoming 2024 U.S. presidential election. Despite X reducing the number of employees monitoring disinformation and hateful behavior, the company claims that it will successfully combat any potential misinformation spread through political ads. Twitter believes it’s necessary to allow political ads on […]

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Social media service BeReal introduces a new feature

Social media service BeReal has added a new feed to its platform called “Friends of friends,” where BeReal users can check out photos from their friends’ friends if they have approved the publication of their pictures there. “Friends of friends” replaces the previous “Discovery” feed, which displayed randomly selected images from other BeReal users who […]

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X is auctioning off Twitter items

X, the service formerly known as Twitter, has started getting rid of some items it no longer deems necessary. This includes various things associated with Twitter as well as items that no longer seem necessary at X’s office. Among other things, you can bid on a light sign featuring Twitter’s characteristic bird logo, a large […]

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The X logo becomes bolder

Elon Musk is arguably the world’s most spontaneous billionaire, and yesterday, he changed the logo of his service X, formerly known as Twitter, just a few hours after replacing Twitter’s characteristic blue bird logo. The latest X logo has thicker lines in its X compared to the first version of the logo. However, Musk doesn’t […]

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Text posts are coming to TikTok

As Elon Musk does his best to scare users away from Twitter/X, more and more platforms are offering alternative places for fleeing Twitter users to post short text updates. The latest addition to the list is TikTok, which now allows its users to post short text posts instead of just images or videos, the original […]

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Twitter to be renamed as X

Twitter’s owner, Elon Musk, stated yesterday that Twitter will soon be renamed to “X,” the letter that seems to be Musk’s favorite in the alphabet. Musk further mentioned that Twitter’s bird logo would disappear from the service, and eventually, the platform’s blue color would also be replaced with black. Twitter already changed its corporate name […]

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WhatsApp released for WearOS

Meta has now released a standalone app for its messaging service on WearOS, Google’s operating system for smartwatches. With WhatsApp on WearOS, it is possible to read messages from Meta’s messaging service and record voice messages that can be sent through the service. To use the watch version of WhatsApp on WearOS, users need WearOS […]

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Meta has launched its Twitter competitor, Thread

It’s no longer a secret that Meta has been working on a Twitter competitor, and now it’s official. The app, called Thread, has been uploaded to the Google Play Store, although it is currently unavailable for download. Thread bears a striking resemblance to Twitter, with text-based conversations where users post threads instead of individual tweets, […]

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Twitter introduces a bunch of limitations

Last night, Elon Musk announced that Twitter will begin limiting the number of tweets one can read per day. The numbers he mentioned were 600 tweets for unverified accounts, while verified accounts will be able to read up to 6,000 tweets per day. For newly created and still unverified accounts, the limit will be 300 […]