Intermittent fasting, or IF, is a way of losing weight. It’s popular because users adhere to a strict scheduled eating plan which suits their lifestyle.

So, if you don’t think about food while you’re working, that’s eight hours of fasting time added to your automatic overnight fasting while you’re asleep. You might be someone who follows the rules of “Breakfast like a king; lunch like a prince; dinner like a pauper” in which case your fasting time might be better in the evening and overnight.

If you find that you look forward to one meal in particular, then starting your IF regime after that meal, when you’re full, is likely to be the best option. These apps can help you achieve that goal. For many people, the 16:8 method overnight will be easiest to stick to, as it means that after supper, you don’t eat again for 16 hours. If you eat at 7pm, then 7am the next morning is already 12 hours without food. By lunchtime at noon, you will have been fasting for 17 hours. It will have helped your metabolism, digestive health and any weight loss goals you may have.

Alternatively, you might prefer the 5:2 IF option, which may be better if your weekends are busy and you don’t get to eat much until the evenings. This covers your calorie restriction for two days, and during the week, when you may be at work, you follow a typical balanced healthy eating plan.

There are numerous apps which offer a way to track your preferred intermittent fasting options. Below are just five of the many currently on offer.

5. Vora

If you find you need support when losing weight, then you might like Vora. It offers all the usual services, including a choice of fasting methods, tracking fasting hours, recording weight loss and choosing goals. It also has a strong community element where users can share their experiences to motivate others.

4. Zero

Zero app sends reminders of fasting start and finish times, regardless of which fasting plan you choose. This means you can concentrate on your day and only need to act when the reminder comes up. Afterwards there is the chance to complete a journal entry which can help with tracking milestones and motivation.

3. FastHabit

Lousy at making up your mind or sticking at something? FastHabit might suit you as it allows users to change their fasting routine at will. Like Zero, it sends reminders so you’ll never be confused about which routine you’re on this week. It also pairs with wearable tech, which is great when you’re away from your phone.

2. LIFE fasting tracker

LIFE fasting tracker allows you to input your own start and finish times for fasting, so it’s lifestyle-friendly. It also has a social element, like Vora, so you’ll always have somewhere to turn when you need support. It supports keto dieters by showing when they’re in ketosis and has an extensive library to allow beginners to improve their knowledge. Because you can input your own start and finish times, it’s less strict than other apps but no less effective.

1. DoFasting

DoFasting offers a variety of options to cover intermittent fasts of varying lengths. You can choose from 7, 14 and 28-day fasting challenges as well as enjoying support from nutritionists and your personal accountability partner. To begin with you complete a questionnaire which indicates your current level of fitness, ability to plan meals, knowledge of fasting and your general lifestyle. The app then provides personalised meal plans, calculates the best fasting method for you and even suggests workouts you might like to try.

Whichever app you choose (and you may want to try all of them at some point) the overall goal remains the same. The apps aim to help you lose weight by fasting, which benefits your health while still allowing you to eat things you like.

The DoFasting app is the ultimate 3-in-1 solution for weight loss. Choose a fasting method that fits best your lifestyle, learn to prepare healthy meals, and implement simple workouts into your daily routine. Some of the features includes;

  • Progress Tracker & Calendar
  • Meal Recommendations
  • Effective Training Routines
  • Daily Motivation Boosts
  • Tips and Guidance
  • Not Only for Weight Loss
  • Challenge Mode
  • “Intermittent fasting with DoFasting” community
  • Calorie Tracker 

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