With society moving deeper into the world of digitization, people finally changed their point of view. Instead of constant stress and rat racing, they prefer to slow down and focus on what’s the most valuable these days – time. That’s the reason folks look for ways to maximize productivity. It’s better to work intense but short and enjoy the rest of the day relaxing.

Lucky for us, the tech world is there to support every possible field. Want to improve the communication system, get the meeting alerts, or receive reminders about children’s extra activities? With all of the available applications on the market, you can master the time-saving skill to pure perfection. Below you can find five phone apps that can genuinely make your life easier. 


Let’s start with many influencers’ best friends; the app Instasize is a quick and easy way to edit pictures and perfectly match them with your Instagram feed. If you work on social media, you know that it’s essential to provide reliable, regularly-posted, and updated content. A proper phone camera is quite crucial when it comes to good quality pics and videos. If you’re searching for one, BestBudget.com, for example, can help you with that.

Running a company’s Instagram or any other social media channel demands the content to be cohesive. Instasize is one of the top pictures editing applications that can turn a very mediocre pic into a bomb! It offers over 100 premium filters, 80 different borders, various beauty tools, and tips from the experts on how to build an intriguing image. It can surely improve the quality of your content and help you gain more traffic.

Dark Sky

How many times have you been dressed to kill and got soaking wet? With this application, it won’t happen again! Dark Sky is one of the most reliable weather forecasts apps on the market. The beautiful interface provides you with accurate weather prediction by showing smooth radar animation. You will receive down-to-the-minute information before it starts raining at your exact location, and get notified of government severe weather alerts. That’s not all! Dark Sky allows you to travel back in time. You can pick a date from the past and future, and you will receive historical or future weather data. Are you convinced yet?

City Maps 2Go

Another way to facilitate your life is City Maps 2Go. The application provides you with virtual worldwide map coverage. You can check thousands of destinations, see your current location, and keep the orientation while being offline. The app gives you access to up-to-date guide information about hotel booking options, restaurants, attractions, parties, and other places. Discover new places with your GPS, receive tips and recommendations from locals and tourists, and explore the city all the way up and down.


If you want to make your life more organized and save time you usually waste on planning your day, here is a solution. Wunderlist is a digital organizer of your daily schedule, which can underline and point all essential tasks, create a solid to-do list, and support time management. You can add subtasks, set up specific dates, reminders, prioritize things, attach notes, files, and more.

Wunderlist is a perfect visualization of your everyday goals and an easy way to track them. Using this app can highly contribute to the quality of your lifestyle. Moreover, it has a significant impact on your professional and private life. You no longer need to excuse yourself with the lack of time. Plan your things ahead and relax later.

Too Good to Go

Did you know that each year one-third of the food produced in the world gets thrown away? This application is the way to put a limit on that. Many restaurants don’t manage to sell all the products every day. Instead of getting rid of it, they can sell it to you at least half price off. Isn’t it genius? The app is very user-friendly, lets you save money and enjoy great food. What you have to do is:

  • Find a restaurant/store nearby through the app.
  • Order the meal at a specific time.
  • Pick up the order and enjoy your zero waste world’s contribution.

The Bottom Line

Summing up, technology does make life easier. You can find different software from almost any field that can improve your lifestyle and save precious time. The applications can cover a wide range of activities you would usually struggle with for a while. Choose technology! Get on the board and enjoy the world of digital facilization.

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