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Adobe Showcases Spectrum 2

Adobe’s interface foundation in their products is known as Spectrum. Created over ten years ago, Spectrum has seen significant changes since its inception. At that time, the concept of a design system was barely known, Adobe products were not used on mobile devices, and the target audience for Adobe’s products was much narrower. Users used […]

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Mini discontinues the Clubman

Rumors have been circulating that Mini won’t be launching a new version of the Clubman model, and now we have this confirmed by Mini’s head, Stefanie Wurst. While the manufacturer likes the Clubman, SUVs are the best-selling category, so they decided to focus on the Countryman and the upcoming Aceman while letting the Clubman fade […]

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iPhone gets new ringtones

In the iOS 17 Release Candidate, which was released after yesterday’s Apple presentation, we find a bunch of new ringtones for the iPhone. According to 9to5Mac, there are over 20 new tones, and some of the old ringtones have also been lightly remastered, sounding a bit better now. Apart from the ringtone added to iOS […]

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Apple and Microsoft Fight Against the EU

Both Microsoft and Apple are fighting to avoid having their services Bing and iMessage included on a list of “gatekeepers” according to the new EU regulations. Both companies argue that their services are not sufficiently large or powerful to justify the restrictions in the Digital Markets Act, which aims to promote competition within the tech […]

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How to manufacture things in space?

In the future, a new manufacturing industry is expected to launch in space, and CNBC has produced a report on how this will happen and what we can expect. According to a report by consulting firm McKinsey & Co, the market for space-manufactured products could reach $10 billion by 2030. The idea behind manufacturing things […]

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German Bionic releases a new exoskeleton

German Bionic has launched a new version of its exoskeleton called Apogee, specifically developed for use in the healthcare sector, primarily to assist in patient lifting. Initially developed to facilitate lifting in warehouses and industrial settings, Apogee has been further enhanced with Apogee+ to cater to the needs of the healthcare industry. Both Apogee, shown […]

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Ares Design presents a refined new Panther

Ares Design’s model Panther ProgettoUno is a modern version of the classic De Tomaso Pantera. Now, a further development of the ProgettoUno is introduced, named Evo. It has received a slightly refined design and a more cozy interior. The most significant change has happened at the rear, where they have foregone the lights from the […]

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Alienware releases the gaming computer Aurora R16

Dell’s gaming-focused subsidiary, Alienware, has released a new desktop computer primarily targeted at gamers. The new computer is labeled Aurora R16 and, unlike some of Alienware’s previous models, it looks almost like a traditional desktop computer. According to Alienware, the Aurora R16’s chassis takes up 50 percent less volume than its predecessor, the Aurora R15. […]

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Has ChatGPT become dumber?

A new research study shows that ChatGPT has deteriorated in performance after the latest updates. The study reveals that the chatbot now makes more mistakes than it did in the spring. According to the study, both the 3.5 and 4 versions of ChatGPT provide worse answers now compared to when they were launched. The study […]

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Koenigsegg CCGT sold for £3.3 million

The Koenigsegg CCGT GT1 Le Mans went under the hammer at the Goodwood Festival of Speed auction, organized by Bonhams. The Koenigsegg CCGT, based on the Koenigsegg CCR, was built in 2007 with the intention of competing in FIA GT races. However, the International Motorsport Federation changed the rules for GT1 cars, which required the […]

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Volvo EX30 in detail

The little Volvo EX30 seems to have good potential to become a success. If you’re interested in one, it will take a few months before you can take a closer look and place an order. Volvo has allowed the creators of the car to take us through a presentation of its interior and exterior, providing […]

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New bikes from Lamborghini

Lamborghini and bicycle manufacturer 3T are now unveiling two new road bikes that they have developed together. One is called Racemax X Automobili Lamborghini, designed for off-road riding, starting at $9,899. The other is Strada X Automobili, designed for asphalt, with prices starting from $8,999. These bikes are built on-demand, and it can take up […]

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Caterham unveils electric Seven prototype

The Caterham Seven is a lightweight car, but one might assume that an electric version would be significantly heavier. Not in this case. Caterham is now showcasing an electric prototype of the Seven, which weighs under 700 kilograms. The manufacturer has utilized the same chassis as the fossil fuel version, with Swindon Powertrain developing a […]

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Meta receives record fine of 1.2 billion euros

Meta has now been fined 1.2 billion euros by the EU after transferring user data to data centers in the USA, reports Bloomberg. EU courts believe that such data transfers expose EU citizens to privacy breaches, a concern that has been raised since 2013 following revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden about US mass surveillance programs. […]