Technology has made the world a global village where people from continents apart can connect and form bonds. No doubt, technology has a lot of benefits. However, it also comes with some shortcomings that might have overshadowed some of its advantages.

The internet enables cybercrime and cyberbully. If you have a child old enough to own a Smartphone, you’ll likely be worried about their online exposure. The good news is that technology has also provided the solution; spy apps. In this post, we’ll share 7 excellent apps to spy Android phone with no root.

Spyzie: Best Apps to Spy Android Phone

Spyzie tops the list of the 7 excellent apps to spy Android phone without rooting. When you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use spy app, this is the top choice for you. Its intuitive user-interface makes it the best for parents looking for an uncomplicated app to monitor their kids’ phone activities.

What can you Spy on your Target Android Device with Spyzie?

Spyzie gives access to both the incoming and outgoing text messages on your target device. If any message is deleted, Spyzie will recall the message and store it for your viewing. The app also gives you complete access to all the social media platforms installed on the device.

Spyzie also allows you to view the browser history on the target device. You can see all the sites that your kid or spouse has visited for a period. You can also see their location real-time. This is because the app works with the in-built GPS feature of the Android device.

Spyzie: How to Spy an Android Phone without Root

One of the unique features of the Spyzie app is its ability to spy an Android device without root. Rooting an Android device is risky. It can make the device become vulnerable to malware and it can also cancel the warranty on the device. With Spyzie, you have no reason to root your target device.

So, how do you spy with Spyzie without rooting the target Android device? The first step is to create a free account at the Spyzie official website. You need to provide a valid email when creating the account because your details will be verified.

After creating an account, you’ll be required to select your preferred device to monitor. Click on Android and you will be redirected to the subscription plan webpage. Here, you’ll need to choose your preferred subscription plan. Each plan has its subscription fee.

You need to make the payment for your subscription to continue with the process. After the payment, the set-up wizard will be sent to your email address. Follow the set-up instructions to activate the software on your target Android phone. Get more information about how to spy on Android phone from this page.

You will be required to install an app on the target device. It’s a tiny app that takes less than five minutes to install. After the installation, hide the app to send it to stealth mode. It’ll start working quietly in the background. When you’re done, log in to your dashboard and start spying the target device.

2.  Spyier

Spyier is one of the most popular Android spy solutions in the market today. The app is feature-packed, making your spy experience very rewarding. Whether you want to spy your spouse or kid’s Android device, Spyier gives you the features you need.

You don’t need to root the Android device to access all the rich features of Spyier. The app gives you full access to the text messages, call logs, and social media accounts, on the target device. It also allows access to the contact book, browser history, and other installed app on the Android device.

Spyier also has the Keylogger feature, which stores all keystrokes on the target device. This means whatever username and password used on the device will be stored in your Spyier dashboard. With this, you can access the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, and Viper account with the verification.

3.  Spyic

Spyic features a cutting-edge technology that makes spying a breeze. The user-interface is simple, which makes it a strong choice for parents looking to monitor their kids. You can use Spyic if all you have is a basic knowledge of the internet. The best part of the app is that you don’t need to root the Android device.

Spyic offers advanced features that are not common among many spy app. When you activate the software on any device, you gain full access to all data on the phone. These include text messages, call logs, GPS location, browser history, and other installed app on the device.

4.  Neatspy

If you want to know what your target has been up to online and offline, Neatspy is your choice. Neatspy is a reputable and trusted spy app that doesn’t require rooting the target device. It has some of the best features you can find on any spy apps.

When installed and activated on the target device, it starts transmitting data to your dashboard. You don’t have to touch the device again after the installation. You’ll start spying the Android phone remotely. When the target receives or makes a call, you can listen in on the conversation and see details of the caller.

With Neatspy, you can read text messages on the target phone. These include both incoming and outgoing text messages. The app also allows you to read deleted messages on the device. It also allows you to read posts, view messages, and shared media on the social media accounts of the device.

5.  Spyine

Spyine is a trusted spy app for Android devices. It doesn’t require that you root the device to access its data. With Spyine, you can keep a tab on all calls made through the target device. You’ll have access to all contacts and you’ll see the details of frequent calls on the device.

Are you interested in knowing who your child or spouse is texting? Spyzie gives you access to the details. Spyier has different subscription packages and you can choose a plan based on your spying need. You can find more details about the app on Spyier website.

6. Minspy

If your kid or spouse is on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Telegram, you need Minspy to spy their activities. Are you also interested in seeing the videos, photos, and audio files sent and received on a target Android? Minspy offers you all the access.

Minspy is a top-class spy app that makes monitoring an Android device a smooth experience. You don’t have to root the device. All you need to do is install the spy app on the device. With this, you can start spying all activities on the device. Minspy is a secret agent and it works undetected on the target phone.

7. Clickfree

Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? Get your proof by installing Clickfree on their device. Clickfree is a trusted spy app that has enjoyed glowing reviews from users from across the world. It offers several features to users and you don’t need to root the device to access all these features.

When installed on the target device, Clickfree works in stealth mode. It doesn’t affect the normal functionality of the Android phone. The app is a small-sized app and does not take up storage space. It doesn’t drain the battery or make the device hot. It works silently transmitting data to your dashboard.


These are the top 7 excellent apps to spy Android phone with no root. When it comes to choosing the best among the seven, we recommend Spyzie. The app is affordable and has numerous features that make spying an exciting experience.

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