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It will be easier to delete your data in Android apps

Google has updated its guidelines for Android developers, which among other things means that it should be easier for users to delete data stored via apps developed for Android. In an update to the new guidelines, Google writes, among other things: For apps that enable app account creation, developers will soon need to provide an […]

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Google Pixel receives a major update

Google has now started rolling out the March “Feature Drop” (QPR2) for Google Pixel. The update, currently available for Pixel 4a and newer models, includes new features such as faster Night Sight for Pixel 6/6 Pro, support for dual eSIM on Pixel 7/7 Pro, timers on Nest devices now appearing on the phone, and the […]

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Google Maps vs. Apple Maps 2023 Comparison

Google Maps and Apple Maps are two of the most popular navigation apps. Both offer directions for different forms of transit, but their features vary. With significant improvements in both, which one is better in 2023? Talk about maps, and you’ll have most people sing Google’s eulogies. Why? Google Maps has an outsize impact on […]

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Spotify launches DJ with Ai

One thing you miss/really don’t miss with Spotify is that DJ who chit-chats between songs. Now Spotify is releasing a DJ with artificial intelligence. The idea is that the DJ will play music you should like based on your preferences, and between songs a voice will tell you more about the songs and the music. […]

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Android 14 Release: List of Eligible Smartphones (Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and More)

Google released the Developer preview for Android 14 in early February. Since then, tech enthusiasts have highlighted distinguishing features between the new software update from its precursor. Tech experts expect the Beta version to be released at the I/O conference and the stable version in August. While we wait for its release, this article provides […]

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NewPipe: The Best YouTube App for Android?

NewPipe is a well-known YouTube client, offering a simplified streaming experience for existing users of the service. NewPipe was created with the specific aim to get the very original YouTube make up back onto your phones. This means all your favourite videos, without the advertisements and permissions/shared data. NewPipe is open-source and can be found […]

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5 Essential Apps for Digital Nomads

According to a study published last year in the New York Times, 43% of Americans are reported to have worked remotely at least once in 2016. From work-oriented instant messaging to flight-booking applications, all a remote worker needs is an internet connection to break the boundaries of a traditional job. While keeping Android and Apple […]