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The Thermonator is a fire-breathing robotic dog

An American company calling itself Throwflame has now come up with the brilliant idea of equipping a robotic dog with a flamethrower that they had previously developed. They call the robot the “Thermonator Flamebot 9000” and claim it to be the world’s first robotic dog with flamethrower capabilities. The robot, with the flamethrower attached, comes […]

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Nike releases sneaker collection as NFT

Nike continues its crypto push and will soon release its first digital sneaker collection as an NFT. It is a collection that Nike calls Our Force 1 (OF1) which is a tribute to Nike’s classic sneaker model, Air Force 1. Nike’s OF1 collection will be sold through the company’s NFT platform .SWOOSH, which was launched […]

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11 Exceptional SciFi gadgets

Are you a SciFi freak and always on the lookout for that gadget with a twist? That gadget or decoration that will stand out? Don’t worry, we got you covered, here are 11 really outstanding SciFi gadgets to spice up yourself or your home. It is a mix of classic scifi and retro-futuristic stuff. 1. […]

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Some Excellent Back to the Future gadgets

In the recent years retro 80s craze there are a few themes that stand out. One of those themes is the craze about the Back to the Future movies starring Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The first Back to the Future movie came out in 1985 and has become the very definition of the […]

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20 Amazing Star Wars T-shirts

Having a difficult time coming up with gift ideas? This one is for you. Star Wars t-shirts are great gifts since they are not only the perfect gift to your average SciFi nerd, but are actually something a lot of people like. Star Wars are one of those rare birds that has become embedded in […]

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Sphero Introduces the Sphero Mini

Sphero, better known for its hit products like R2-D2, BB-8, Lighting McQueen and Spider Man, have created a smaller version of the Sphero 2.0 and dubbed it the Sphero Mini. Sphero’s line of connected play products have proved to be very popular. They combine robotics and digital technology, and the results are fun, innovative ‘toys’ […]

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5 Must Have Gadgets Every Geek Should Have

Geeks face a lot of pressure to stay on the cutting edge of technology. A lot of times, that means packing their lives with gadgets that average consumers aren’t ready for. Those poor, tech-deprived people! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a geeky friend, you should consider adding these five gadgets to your shopping cart. […]

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10 Posters Only Geeks Will Appreciate

Remember when being called a geek used to be an insult? Many of us who were into “geeky” things during our school years remember that quite well. We would take our comic books, or classic science fiction, our fantasy novels, our playing and collectors cards, and we would ignore the taunts from people who just […]