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X is auctioning off Twitter items

X, the service formerly known as Twitter, has started getting rid of some items it no longer deems necessary. This includes various things associated with Twitter as well as items that no longer seem necessary at X’s office. Among other things, you can bid on a light sign featuring Twitter’s characteristic bird logo, a large […]

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How to remove vocals from a song

If you want to separate the vocals from a song and keep only the music, you can easily do so using the website The site utilizes some AI magic to isolate the vocals in the song into a separate track. You can then download the music and vocals separately, which you can use to […]

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It is possible to share AirTags with iOS 17

Apple’s AirTags will become more useful in iOS 17. In the upcoming update, you will be able to share them and other Find My items with up to five other people, the company wrote in a press release. Perfect for things like car keys that multiple people in a family may want to find. “An […]

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Trailer: The Out-Laws

Owen Browning (Adam Devine) is a straight-laced bank manager about to marry the love of his life, Parker (Nina Dobrev). When his bank is held up by the infamous Ghost Bandits during his wedding week, he believes his future in-laws (Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin) who just arrived in town, are the infamous Out-Laws. The […]

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James Webb observes water on a comet

James Webb continues to explore space, and now astronomers have discovered water vapor on a comet using the space-based super telescope. Comet 238P/Read is located in the main asteroid belt, the large asteroid belt situated between Mars and Jupiter, approximately 200-300 million kilometers from Earth. Based on the observed water vapor around the comet, it […]

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Sony wants to liven up the party

Sony already offers a couple of portable party speakers, but the new model SRS-XV800 may be one of the coolest yet. The speaker has five tweeters on both the front and back, and two bass elements with an almost rectangular diaphragm, which increases sound pressure for deeper and more powerful bass with less distortion. The […]

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Google adds support for smart home apps in cars

Google announced the other day that it will be possible to control apps connected to the smart home directly in Android Auto and Android Automotive OS. Google writes: To deliver seamless experiences in cars, we’re now enabling developers to bring their internet of things (IOT) apps to cars. This will allow users to easily manage […]

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Mini’s new personal assistant is a dog

Here we get to know Spike, who is Mini’s new digital assistant in the next generation of models. Spike is, of course, an English bulldog, and he will help you with various problems you may have while driving. Not on a psychologist level, but more things like raising and lowering the volume, calling a friend, […]

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Endeavor buys WWE

There has been talk for a long time that the wrestling organization WWE was up for sale. Now, just after this year’s Wrestlemania, the sale has been announced and the buyer is Endeavor Group Holdings, which among other things owns UFC. Endeavor will now form a new publicly traded company consisting of UFC and WWE. […]

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First trailer for Asteroid City

It’s time for the first trailer for Wes Anderson’s upcoming film “Asteroid City“, which can be seen below. In the movie, we see actors such as Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Scarlett Johansson, Adrien Brody, Edward Norton, Jason Schwartzman, Bryan Cranston, and Willem Dafoe. And it sure looks great! The film will premiere in theaters on […]

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ATM Answers: How Does a Bitcoin ATM Work?

Bitcoin’s popularity remains steadily on the rise in 2021. Did you know that 46 million Americans own a share of bitcoin? That’s about 22% percent of the US adult population. It’s estimated that it could grow to 73% by 2022. Converting and receiving cash for Bitcoin is one of the most common questions and concerns […]

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Small PDF—An Online Tool to Deal Your Documents

Small PDF is an online application with all the basic functions of PDF solutions for the users. The tasks you can perform in this software are merging, converting documents, compressing, and splitting the PDF files. All these tasks are easily doable online.  Small PDF does not have such powerful competencies as its desktop application, but […]

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How to Monitor Children’s Android Phone (100% Works)

In today’s world where everyone has access to everything online, having parental control over your child’s online activity is important. Children often get into problems accidentally or intentionally. They might be spending time on age-inappropriate apps or websites. If you don’t monitor their online activities, you won’t know about this. Using an effective phone monitoring […]

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Apps to Use If You’re Working from Home

The year 2020 has been a rollercoaster for us all. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted people’s private and professional lives. Countless students have been affected by school closures, and unemployment rates have skyrocketed. Some companies choose to adapt to the situation by giving their employees the freedom to work from home. Even […]

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The Broad Sense of Technology in Education

Technology has affected every sphere of our lives, and education is among the sections that have been greatly impacted. It ushered in a central operational change, which is integral in offering significant developments in education. Technology comes with different packages that affect both learners and instructors to bring about a positive learning experience. It pervades […]