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The Best Marshall Headphones of 2023

If you are a person who has been into classic rock, metal, prog or alternative then you may have already heard of Marshall as they have quite a big reputation when it comes to their amps and speaker stacks, however they have also been making headphones for a few years now as well. These headphones […]

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The Best Marshall Speakers of 2023

In the world of rock and metal music, Marshall’s logo is as iconic as the Metallica emblem, the AC/DC insignia, and the Def Leppard font. This is because Marshall’s distinctive branding has graced the biggest rock ‘n’ roll stages for many decades. While their renowned script is most familiar on the front of amplifiers, it’s […]

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Marshall Acton lll – Review

In a world filled with portable and rugged Bluetooth speakers, Marshall stands out by taking an entirely different approach. Marshall’s speakers are reminiscent of their iconic guitar amps and serve as captivating showpieces for your living space. The Marshall Acton III, priced at $279.99 and a successor to the Acton II, continues this tradition. It […]

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Marshall Launches Motif II In-Ear Headphones

Marshall is now releasing the second generation of its Motif in-ear headphones. The new model includes the new Bluetooth standard, BT LE Audio, which is designed to provide better sound quality and range, as well as improved latency for activities like gaming and watching movies. The battery offers up to ten hours more playtime than […]