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Tata skips hybrids

The Indian car manufacturer Tata has no plans to introduce any models with hybrid propulsion in the future. Instead, the company wants to focus on a mix of models featuring internal combustion engines and pure electric cars. The plan for the beginning of next year is to launch no fewer than four new electric SUVs. […]

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New Volkswagen California on the way

It has been 35 years since Volkswagen launched its first California model. It’s a camper van that offers a more comfortable living experience than just folding seats and rolling out a mattress. Soon, a new model is in the works, and it will be presented in concept form at the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf on […]

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TikTok is scrapping its BeReal clone

TikTok is shutting down its BeReal clone, TikTok Now, according to messages sent to users. TikTok Now was launched over nine months ago, but it is unclear when the feature will disappear completely. The feature was introduced with the aim of promoting “authentic and spontaneous connections on TikTok,” but it was hard to ignore how […]

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Check out gameplay from Alan Wake II

At the end of last year, Remedy showcased an initial glimpse of Alan Wake II, and during yesterday’s Summer Game Fest, we got our first look at some gameplay from the upcoming game. In the new Alan Wake game, the main character, Alan Wake, will be accompanied by FBI agent Saga Anderson. The player starts […]

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10 Websites to Find People on the Internet

Background checks haven’t always been an easy undertaking. We have had several options through the years, but modern technology has significantly made the process much easier. Platforms like TruthFinder have come in handy when one needs crucial background information on a person of interest. Some of these online resources demand a subscription, while others offer […]

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Top 5 Essential Tools For Web Design

Professional web design has become a must if you want your business to succeed in the online world, where the competition never ends. To stand out from the crowd, you need to create a unique, attractive, and user-friendly website to keep your target audience focused. However, accomplishing the perfect end result is not possible without […]

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NewPipe: The Best YouTube App for Android?

NewPipe is a well-known YouTube client, offering a simplified streaming experience for existing users of the service. NewPipe was created with the specific aim to get the very original YouTube make up back onto your phones. This means all your favourite videos, without the advertisements and permissions/shared data. NewPipe is open-source and can be found […]

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Xiaomi Debuts Clickbait as Product

In what is being widely derided as a how-to-not-do things in marketing, Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi finds itself at the center of a viral tech story and not for the right reasons. Avoid the Xiaomi Clickbait Trap #noclickbait Showing off their new Mi Mix 3 smartphone, Xiaomi bandied about the device’s 5G functionalities but didn’t […]

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iOS 9 Security Flaw Allows Anyone To See Your Photos And Contacts – Here’s How To Fix It

Apple’s new iOS 9 software has received a lot of positive reviews since it’s release on September 23. There are multiple fantastic features integrated into the operating system, including Low Power Mode, which finally offers a solution to Apple devices’ notoriously poor battery life by letting users switch off battery-draining functions like background app refresh, […]

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The Self-Destructing Computer Chip Is Real

Xerox PARC engineers have developed a self-destructing computer chip that explodes into tiny pieces when triggered. Developed as part of DARPA’s Vanishing Programmable Resources Project, the chip uses Gorilla Glass, which is found in numerous Smartphones around the world. Speaking to PC World, PARC scientist Gregory Whiting explained: “we take the glass and we ion-exchange […]

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Advanced Prosthetic Hand Allows Paralysed Man To ‘Feel’ Again

An advanced robotic prosthetic hand developed by the Applied Physics Laboratory at John Hopkins University has been successfully tested, allowing a paralysed man to ‘feel’ again. The robotic hand is part of a research project funded by the US military’s Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (Darpa) that explores advanced prosthetic limbs. The volunteer, a 28-year-old […]

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The Best Gadgets Of IFA 2015 So Far

Europe’s biggest tech show Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin, more commonly known as IFA, is currently underway and already many new gadgets have hit the headlines. Here are some of the best electronics that have been revealed so far: Best Phone: Huawei Mate S Although there have been a lot of phones revealed at IFA this year, […]

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21 Best Apple Watch Accessories

If you’ve spent you’re hard earned money on an Apple Watch, be it the $350 model or the extravagant $17,000 version, chances are you’ll be interested in buying the best protection, chargers, docks and straps to accompany your new tech. ArmorSuit Military Shield Screen Protector ($7) Although the Apple Watch screen is reasonably durable, you […]