Checking your boyfriend’s phone when he leaves the room is bad enough. However, phone surveillance apps take snooping to a whole new level. These make it easy to monitor your boyfriend’s phone remotely.

With so many phone surveillance apps available, choosing the best can be a challenge. However, we’ve come up with the top 5 spy apps that make it easy to monitor your boyfriend’s phone remotely.

In this post, you will learn what it takes for a phone surveillance app to be the king. With most phone spy apps requiring rooting or jailbreaking the target, advanced spy apps don’t require such measures.

#1 Neatspy – The gold standard for phone surveillance apps

Among all the phone surveillance apps available, Neatspy stands out for its service. Over a million users trust Neatspy across the world. The app has even been a focus for major media outlets like CNET.

With Neatspy, you can monitor boyfriend’s cell phone regardless of whether it is an Android or iPhone. No wonder, Neatspy has a very high customer approval rating of 96%. The app can spy on virtually any area of the phone.

Neatspy comes with over 35 phone surveillance features. It operates in such a manner that your boyfriend won’t notice your monitoring activities. To check out a demo and learn more, visit Neatspy official website.

With Neatspy, you can spy on your boyfriend’s social media activities and whereabouts. It even can monitor his calls, text messages, and browser history. All its features allow you to monitor his phone like it is in your hands.

What makes Neatspy a reputable spy app

Apart from its dozens of features, Neatspy comes with unique capabilities. Below are some of them:

1. Root-free and jailbreak-free solution

With Neatspy, you won’t have to root Android or jailbreak iPhone for the app to work. The app uses the latest phone surveillance technology to avoid compromising your boyfriend’s phone.

Besides, the process of rooting or jailbreaking a phone requires technical know-how. Also, it compromises the security of your boyfriend’s phone and voids the warranty on his phone.

2. Undetectable

All the surveillance activities of this phone monitoring app take place in the background. The activities do not interfere with phone performance. Also, Neatspy uses very little phone resources like storage and battery.

On iPhones, Neatspy doesn’t require installation on the target device. Instead, the app uses the iCloud backup to monitor all your boyfriend’s phone activities. For Android phones, the app requires one-time access to install.

After installation on the target Android phone, the app disguises itself in installed apps. Also, it automatically deletes its icon to make sure your boyfriend doesn’t suspect.

What’s more, Neatspy allows remote uninstallation of the Android app in one app. All these measures ensure your boyfriend doesn’t suspect.

3. Safe

Neatspy safeguards the data privacy of your boyfriend by ensuring it doesn’t access data on third-party apps. Also, the app protects the contents on your Neatspy dashboard with a password.

4. Remotely monitoring capability

Neatspy is an online-based phone monitoring app. It allows you to start monitoring your boyfriend’s phone online. You can accomplish this by logging in to your Neatspy dashboard using any web browser.

So, you won’t need to install special software to start monitoring your boyfriend’s phone. This way, you can monitor his phone from the opposite side of the world online.

#2 Spyine

Another top-performing phone surveillance is Spyine. The app works on both Android and iOS devices. It provides discreet and remote surveillance of your boyfriend’s phone.

The app works in stealth to avoid detection by your boyfriend. Also, it comes with over 30 phone surveillance features. These let you monitor almost any aspect of your boyfriend’s phone online.

It can spy on his social media activities, whereabouts, calls, contacts, and keystrokes. What’s more, the app can monitor his web browser activities. This way, you will know the sites he is a member of including dating websites.

#3 ClickFree

With ClickFree, users get a reputable web-based phone surveillance app. The app comes with multiple surveillance features that make monitoring your boyfriend’s phone easy. It allows you to spy on his phone remotely.

To accomplish this, you only need to log in to your ClickFree dashboard. In your dashboard, ClickFree lets you access all the features by scrolling on the tab to the left. It is a comprehensive phone surveillance app.

The app is easy to use since it doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting your boyfriend’s phone. Also, it runs in stealth to avoid interfering with the performance of your boyfriend’s phone. So, he won’t suspect your activities.

#4 Minspy

Another good phone monitoring app is Minspy. The app has over 30 phone surveillance features. With Minspy, you can monitor your boyfriend’s phone remotely through a web browser of your choice.

The app is among a handful of phone surveillance apps that don’t require rooting or jailbreaking. It eliminates the need to have technical knowledge of how to root Android or jailbreak iOS devices.

Dozens of Minspy features allow you to monitor multiple areas of your boyfriend’s phone. It can monitor his whereabouts, social media activities, calls, and contacts among others.

#5 Spyic

Among pioneers of the phone surveillance industry, Spyic stands out. The app allows you to monitor your boyfriend’s phone discreetly and remotely. Spyic uses cutting edge technology to avoid compromising his phone.

The app comes with over 35 phone surveillance features. It works on both Android smartphones and iPhones. All the surveillance activities take place on a web browser.

Spyic is a safe app that never requires compromising of your boyfriend’s phone. Also, it is easy to use wince no technical know-how is needed to use the app.


The best spy app you can use to monitor your boyfriend’s phone should be easy to use. You can’t go wrong with any of the apps highlighted here. However, Neatspy stands out for its monitoring capabilities.

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