Out of all the relationships one has in one’s life, betrayal in a marital relationship hurts the most. It is mostly so because you are so emotionally and financially invested in the relationship. Getting married to someone per se is a big step and commitment in life.

It gives you nothing but despair to know that your partner whom you have been trusting was indeed cheating on you. It can’t be an easy pill to swallow but it’s better to face the facts than run away from them. This is where platforms like Minspy come into play.

It is a known fact that spy applications have become increasingly popular because of the turmoil people face in their relationships. It can really impact one’s mental health negatively to worry constantly about your spouse’s honesty towards your relationship.

Minspy is a super cool spy application because it is the most safe and reliable way to spy on your spouse. It has some features that make it truly a very viable option to spy with. You can go to blog article to know how Minspy can help you in unearthing all latent truths about your spouse.

Why Minspy over other spy applications

There are many spy applications that have a good and sound history. After trying and testing almost all of them, Minspy emerged as a true winner. What does Minspy have that other popular applications do not. Let’s find out:

Stealth Mode

Minspy’s stealth mode is so secretive, that it can’t be traced at any cost. There is no way anyone can identify your spying. No one, who has used Minspy, has ever been caught. This is because the stealth mode is well inbuilt into Minspy’s very structure; hence it is part and parcel of the application.


Having doubts about your spouse’s fidelity could be catastrophic to your relationship especially when you’re caught spying. Therefore, you can’t just go ahead with any random or cheapest spy application. You can only trust a reliable name with it, and Minspy has all the reliability you need.


Minspy has a bunch of super features that allow an extremely wholesome spying. You can get a first hand view on your spouse’s phone. From his inbox, received texts, deleted texts, emails, notes, GPS location, keylogger to even his library of apps, you can see everything.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking

Minspy keeps the requirements real low. It doesn’t demand any unnecessary information. You can be at ease with what all details you provide on registration. Further, in a totally remote manner, you can spy with Minspy.

Yes, you wouldn’t need your spouse’s phone for anything. So, there is no requirement for his phone and no scope of him even having a doubt about you interested in his whereabouts.

Call List

You can know who your spouse has been calling and for how long. This provides you an insight on how long he has been on the phone with whom. You can also see what call records he has tried to remove. This, right there, is a proof of what he certainly wants to keep from you.

How to Spy on your Cheating Spouse with Minspy

In today’s times, phones are our biggest mode of communication. They practically substitute for people. The phone chats, calls, updates, social media interactions, etc. really escalate the growth of a relationship.

While phone’s help in dating, phones are also a great source of information about an individual. You can know everything about your spouse’s conduct just by his phone. Let’s know the simple set of procedures to use Minspy to catch your cheating spouse:


The first and foremost step calls for signing up on Minspy’s web based application. You need to register with your email ID, which will be used by the application for future communication..

Choosing the right plan

Once you have registered for the Minspy application, you need to purchase your desired plan. Minspy offers a wide array of interesting plans to choose from that range from basic to premium deliverables.

You can engage in a prompt analysis of the extent of spying you intend to do and choose the plan that suits your necessities the best. Minspy offers plans ranging from premium to family. The plans possess their own set of benefits.

Set Up

On purchase of the plan, you will receive a set up link on the email ID you used while registering. The setup process will be simple and self explanatory. Within a few minutes itself, you will be able to make an installation of the web app on your desktop.

Target Platform

The next important step is to choose the target platform. If your spouse uses an iPhone, you choose iOS as the target platform and just enter the iCloud credentials of your spouse. That is it, you do not need your spouse’s phone and you can spy totally remotely.

If your spouse uses an Android phone, you would need to download the Minspy app on his Android phone. The trick here is that Minspy weighs only 3 Mb. As the application literally takes no space on the phone, it will never attract your spouse’s attention.

The point to note here is that the moment you download Minspy on your phone, you can hide the application. When the app is hidden, its mere existence vanishes from your spouse’s phone. Your spouse would never have a clue.

It is an extremely time efficient process and in just a few minutes in counting, you can start with registration and finish with spying. Whether your spouse uses an iPhone or Android phone, Minspy is the ultimate solution.


There is practically no application like the Minspy app when it comes to spy web based applications. While most spy applications are laden with viruses and malware, Minspy is so safe and secure to use.

You can go to the blog article to know what makes Minspy not only different, but better than other spy apps. It just eases out the hard hitting truth in a very familiar interface and gives you evident proof of your spouse’s dishonesty.

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