Divorce procedure requires plenty of time, money and efforts. It may be difficult to cope with everything on your own, so you use multiple services, look for specialists, become a burden for your friends and relatives and end up with depression.

Being equipped with modern devices and tools, you can get an easy and cheap divorce with no fuss. All you need is to browse for useful qualitative applications to help you out with various divorce issues. Get organized, receive professional help, handle custody and shared finances with ease, using divorce apps throughout the whole procedure.

Get Professional Help

When you file for divorce online and use a trustworthy divorce platform, you are usually offered free services of the customer support group. You can ask for help with filling out the divorce forms, professional tips to get beneficial outcomes, mental support to handle divorce challenges. What can be better? Only all the supportive services gathered in one or two apps on your device, available anywhere and anytime.

  • Divorceify – this app’s calling is to create a team of professionals to manage your divorce at best rates. Navigating within the following categories: Attorney, Consulting Attorney, Mediator, Financial Advisor, Parenting Expert, Business Valuation Expert, Divorce Support Group, you can choose the best appropriate specialists, view their professional characteristics and even appoint a meeting. The application is free and easy to use, so you will get your support team organized easily.
  • Mend – high-pressure level you live with within the divorce procedure brings you down and harms you significantly. Due to this fact, your mental health should be your primary concern before, during and after the divorce. Mend is a useful application to help you with recovery after a difficult divorce. It will become your relationship coach. After providing several details about your previous marriage and the divorce, you will get a personal trainer to help you overcome difficulties, depressive mood and back you up in the fresh start. Your first session is free, but the preceding months of the subscription cost $19.90 for each, with additional cheaper offers.

These days you don’t even need to leave your home to get things organized. You can receive professional help with the divorce on the go by downloading useful applications on your smartphone.

Track Your Finances

When you are getting divorced or have already done it, financial issues are constantly under your close look. The thing is that there is no more a partner to support you financially or physically in case of any emergency. More to this, if you have children, common expenses may become a real pain in the neck, when you don’t know how to handle them properly. Surely, you may read supportive articles and search for useful tips on reliable divorce platforms, such as OnlineDivorcer, yet, mobile applications that can track your expenses, create reports and receipts and even act as a personal financial advisor will make a big difference.

  • SupportPay – among different shared expenses, the primary ones you would like to control are custodial payments and alimony. This app will help you track and manage your custodial payments and even control what they are spent on. Kind reminders of next payments, notifications of any financial operations and automatic receipts are just a few pleasant options you will be able to relish. Free usage has limited tools and services, so, if you want to handle your expenses properly, you will have to pay $19.90 monthly or pay less, buying an annual subscription.
  • Co-parenting apps – most co-parental apps offer the option of tracking shared expenses among other useful services. Due to this fact, if you manage to find the appropriate application, it will provide you with full-package support including financial issues.

Mind, that tracking expense is a useful habit not only for divorced parents. Having gone through the divorce procedure, you are out of energy, enthusiasm and money savings. So, it is vital to get your financial things organized and manage a fresh start with solid ground under your feet.

Co-Parenting May Be Easy

The majority of divorced people, using divorce applications, are divorced parents. Being busy with recovering after divorce, launching a fresh start, caring about personal concerns, it is quite challenging to remember all the things connected with your kids. Yet, your children should be your primary concern, since they suffer from divorce even more than both of their parents together. This is the moment when using appropriate applications is an inevitable part of successful co-parenting.

  • Our Family Wizard – the interactive calendar is a top tool among other useful options of this app. Within the calendar, you can set and perform your parental duties, follow schedules, and get reminded of significant events. Expenses tracker will allow you to control shared expenses and even perform some sorts of payments. It can also be great information storage for medical and insurance details, emergency kits, school schedules and many more. The app provides you with a convenient and secure message platform for you to communicate with your ex. Altogether you will have to pay $99 for a parent annually to get your co-parenting perfectly organized.
  • coParenter – apart from typical schedule and tracking expenses options, the distinctive feature of the application is a request tool. With its help, you may send requests or notifications to ci-parent to change holidays or weekends plan with kids, to alter visitation hours and any other thing you may need. If you cannot settle things on your own, you can easily get help via app by requesting services of a relationship coach, mediator or any other specialist. More to this, check-in and to-do list option can help you get your life and co-parenting easier and more organized.

No matter what your relationships are finished, both of you are still good parents to your mutual children. So, you have to do everything not to disappoint them. Co-parenting applications may be a great tool for divorced parents and their kids. This way you let your children be happy in a full family and save their childhood.

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