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iOS 17 – 140+ New Features

iOS 17 Beta 1 was just released by Apple and in this in-depth video, we cover 147 new features & changes found on the iPhone! Some major features, and many small but worthy changes. These features include an all-new incoming call screen (with customization), live voicemail, all-new Messages features, Siri improvements, Music changes, Safari changes, […]

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Rumor: Seat to Stop Selling Cars by 2030

Seat’s performance division, Cupra, has been leading the electric vehicle initiative, and although we previously reported that Seat would release an electric car, new rumors suggest that it won’t happen at all. Instead, Seat will focus its efforts on urban mobility solutions such as electric mopeds, bicycles, and similar modes of transportation, completely exiting the […]

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5 apps and sites for San Francisco travelers

San Francisco is now the 13th largest city in the US and the cultural heart of Northern California. Founded in 1776 by Spanish colonists, its splendorous growth was later spurred by the California Gold Rush of 1849. Its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, sumptuous green spaces and the Boho vibe of areas like Haight-Ashbury make it […]

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Spydialer Review; All you need to know

Spydialer is a free reverse lookup web-based service that anyone can use to look up a contact and personal information. Particularly useful when you are getting calls from unknown numbers, or want to know more about your callers. You can use it to check the phone numbers, physical addresses emails, and more information about the […]

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New Updates about the iPhone XL

The iPhone XL is one of the 3 phones that is rumored to be released later this year. Similar to the other 2 models, it will have a larger screen but is said to be the largest in the bunch at 6.5 inches. The supersized smartphone will have a cheaper price point as it will […]

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How to Protect Your iPhone from Hackers

Mobile phones especially iPhones no longer just a device to use to send and receive messages or calls. It has way important purpose and use for the owner. You will be amazed how almost anything and everything can be done using your iPhone. You can save all your credit card details and bank information so […]

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Top 5 Gadgets of 2018

Las Vegas gave us some great new innovations at the latest CES event. Whilst the technologies on show don’t necessarily mean the public will be able to purchase them in the very near future, we can probably expect these available in the next few years. It also gave great insight into what tech giants are […]