In the ever-expanding gaming landscape, offering a plethora of consoles, platforms, and game genres, gamers have the luxury of choosing the ideal gaming environment. Whether opting for the PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, or one of the best gaming PCs, diverse options cater to every preference. However, the choice of where to play games raises the question of whether the comfort of the living room couch or the gaming desk provides a superior experience.

Why It's Better To Game at Your Desk Than On Your Couch

While top-notch handheld gaming consoles like the Steam Deck or ROG Ally allow gaming flexibility, the experience differs significantly from playing on a larger screen with a dedicated controller or keyboard and mouse. Personal preferences often lean towards the latter, so here are seven reasons as to why gaming at the desk over the TV is the better choice. 

1. The TV Isn’t Always Available

The TV Isn’t Always Available

Handheld gaming PCs and the Nintendo Switch gained immense popularity primarily due to the limited availability of the TV in a household’s living room. The constraints arise from shared TV usage, where other family members may be busy watching shows or movies. 

Opting to play games at a dedicated desk offers a distinct advantage. The likelihood of someone else occupying the desk when you wish to game is basically zero, making the desk your own personalised battle station. Gaming at the desk provides an exclusive space where you can enjoy games without being an inconvenience to others.

2. Using a Keyboard & Mouse Is A Whole Lot Easier

Using a Keyboard & Mouse Is A Whole Lot Easier

While it’s entirely possible to use a wireless keyboard and mouse for gaming on the couch, the experience is notably less convenient compared to gaming at a desk. The desk setup offers the advantage of using wired versions of some of the best gaming keyboards and mice out on the market. Wired PC peripherals not only come at a lower cost but also boast reduced latency and input lag, eliminating concerns about wireless interference. Numerous other advantages accompany the use of a keyboard and mouse over a controller.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to purchase a dedicated gaming PC in order to use a keyboard and mouse as both the PS5 as well as the Xbox Series X/S now support keyboards and mice. 

3. Wired Controllers Are Perfect At Your Desk

Wired Controllers Are Perfect At Your Desk

Similar to keyboards and mice, wired controllers offer a more budget-friendly option compared to their wireless counterparts. However, if you’re gaming on the TV, you might hesitate to run a cable from your console across the living room floor. There’s a risk of someone accidently tripping over the cable, potentially causing damage to your console setup. 

Then on the other hand, at your desk, you can easily route the cable from a wired controller across your desktop without concern for others tripping over it. Additionally, encountering the inconvenience of a wireless controller needing a charge or fresh batteries just as you’re about to start gaming can be frustrating. Using a wired controller over a wireless one also provides the same advantages in terms of input lag and latency.

4. There Isn’t Such A Thing As Ultrawide TVs

There Isn’t Such A Thing As Ultrawide TVs

This suggestion might spark some debate, but if you’re gaming on a PC rather than a console, it’s worth considering trying out an ultrawide monitor. Unlike TVs, which typically offer a 16:9 aspect ratio, ultrawide monitors boast a wider aspect ratio of 21:9, and some can even stretch to 32:9 if they’re really large. This expanded horizontal space allows for a broader field of view in games, enhancing the overall immersion. However, it’s worth noting that not all games fully support ultrawide resolutions, although this is gradually changing as ultrawide monitors gain popularity.

While there are some excellent ultrawide monitors available among the top-tier options, transitioning from a 16:9 to a 21:9 or 32:9 aspect ratio places greater demands on your graphics card and overall PC performance. If your system is sufficiently robust, though, switching to an ultrawide monitor could be a substantial enhancement to your desktop setup. Furthermore, these wider monitors lend themselves well to productivity tasks, particularly for remote work, as they can accommodate two full-size programs or windows side by side, reducing the need for constant window switching.

5. A Lot Of Extra Space For Your Accessories

A Lot Of Extra Space For Your Accessories

For those who aren’t gamers themselves, the sight of controllers and various gaming peripherals scattered around the living room can be less than appealing, especially when settling in to watch a favourite show or movie on TV. Given the larger size and increased airflow requirements of consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, they can’t simply be tucked away in an entertainment centre as easily as previous models. Leaving them out in the open not only makes them highly visible but also exposes them to a greater risk of accidental damage or knocks when positioned near the TV.

However, at your desk, the situation is entirely different. There’s ample space for your console, controllers, and even a headset without cluttering up the communal living area. Even if you use your desk for work from home purposes, there’s usually enough room to accommodate a console or even a top-of-the-line gaming laptop. Having a dedicated gaming space can also minimise distractions, and you won’t have to worry about someone suddenly obstructing the TV screen during crucial moments in your game.

6. You Don’t Have To Sit Down

You Don’t Have To Sit Down

If you were to walk into a living room or den and see someone standing up while playing games on the TV, it might strike you as a bit odd. While sitting for extended periods can have adverse effects on health, playing games on the TV while standing doesn’t seem particularly practical. Furthermore, TVs are typically fixed in position, either on an entertainment centre or mounted to the wall, often positioned too low for comfortable standing gameplay.

A pretty cool investment into your gaming setup could be a standing desk because you have the flexibility to adjust its height so that your monitor is at an ergonomic position, reducing strain on your neck and shoulders during gameplay. Even if you don’t have a standing desk, using a monitor arm or stand can elevate your display to eye level, promoting better posture and comfort while gaming.

7. It’s A Lot Easier To Upgrade Your Desk Setup

It's A Lot Easier To Upgrade Your Desk Setup

Investing in a new TV or couch can indeed put a strain on your wallet, as they often come with a hefty price tag. Additionally, with such purchases you’d usually need to have a discussion with other household members beforehand, given their significant impact on the shared living space. However, when it comes to updating your desk setup, the process is notably simpler.

Whether you’re considering a new desk or monitor, making changes to your desk configuration is far less daunting than revamping your entire living room layout. Moreover, the best gaming chairs or top-notch office chairs offer superior lumbar support compared to a standard couch, as they are specifically designed for prolonged sitting comfort. Even if you’re on a tight budget, there are affordable options available, such as The Foldable Gaming Chair featured above, providing a comfortable seating solution for extended gaming sessions at your desk. For those who work from home, switching chairs can also serve as a practical way to mentally differentiate between work and leisure activities at your desk.

Gaming at your desk or in your couch

In conclusion, gaming at your desk offers numerous advantages over the traditional couch setup. It provides an exclusive and uninterrupted space for gaming, precise control with peripherals like keyboards and mice, and ample room for accessories while promoting ergonomic flexibility. Upgrading your desk setup is also simpler and more affordable, allowing for tailored comfort and enhanced gaming experiences.

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