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China Builds Underwater Data Center

Several Chinese companies have now begun constructing what they say will be the world’s first commercial data center submerged in the sea. The idea behind this is that the water surrounding the data center will cool down the computers inside, instead of them being cooled in other ways. This is a huge project consisting of […]

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Some YouTube Employees Are Not Satisfied with Shorts

According to The Financial Times, several high-ranking YouTube employees are concerned that their TikTok competitor, Shorts, might overshadow the platform’s other content that has been its main source of revenue for almost two decades. The Financial Times reports that YouTube’s ad revenues have decreased for three consecutive quarters compared to the previous year. This naturally […]

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Zagg releases a new pen for iPad

Zagg has now introduced the second generation of its iPad pen, the Pro Stylus. The pen is available in various colors such as blue, yellow, gray, and white, and it is compatible with all iPads from 2018 and onwards. Just like the Apple Pencil, the Pro Stylus 2 supports tilt sensitivity and palm rejection while […]

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The New York Times is considering suing OpenAI

The New York Times is contemplating legal action against OpenAI to safeguard its intellectual property rights. The newspaper and OpenAI have been in talks about reaching a licensing deal where OpenAI would pay to use Times articles in its AI services. However, the discussions have come to a standstill to the extent that the newspaper […]

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The Design Philosophy behind Apple’s AirPods: A Deep Dive

Innovation, minimalism, and user experience – these are the pillars of Apple’s design philosophy, manifesting clearly in their groundbreaking product, the AirPods. This article uncovers the elements that shaped Apple’s AirPods, offering readers an in-depth exploration of its design philosophy. A Brief Overview Since their launch, AirPods have become a symbol of status and style. […]

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Airbus to build the Starlab space station

In 2021, Voyager Space presented the Starlab Space Station, and now they are enlisting the help of European aerospace company Airbus to construct it. Starlab is one of the commercial space stations intended to take over when the International Space Station (ISS) is retired at the end of this decade. Voyager Space’s subsidiary, Nanoracks, will […]

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BMW introduces the X1 M35i

BMW is now releasing a more powerful version of the smallest model in the X series. They call it the X1 M35i xDrive, and under the hood resides the manufacturer’s most powerful four-cylinder engine yet. It’s a 2.0-liter engine equipped with TwinPower Turbo, producing 316 horsepower and 400 Newton-meters of torque. This is enough to […]

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Google Sheets gets support for Duet AI

Google has already started rolling out AI assistants for several Google Workspace apps, such as Docs and Slides. Now, AI support has also come to Sheets, which means you can easily use AI to enhance your spreadsheets. Through a sidebar, you can simply type in what you want to achieve, and then Google’s Duet AI […]

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Ark Zero – new electric microcar

The British startup Ark is now introducing its new model, Zero. It is an electric microcar that, with its price tag of £5,995, is claimed to be the cheapest car available for purchase in the UK. Currently, it is only available for purchase there. For the money, you get a 2.2 kW/3 horsepower electric motor, […]

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tvOS 17 gets Dialogue Enhance feature

For those who have ever felt that it can be difficult to hear what characters are saying in TV shows and movies, tvOS 17, which will be released later this year, will introduce a new feature designed to make it easier to hear dialogue—provided you are using Apple’s HomePod for audio. The feature will only […]