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Fujifilm Releases the X100VI Camera

Fujifilm has today introduced the sixth generation of its popular X100 series, now with the much-anticipated image stabilization and a range of upgrades. However, the new X100 VI retains the classic appearance. The new built-in image stabilization is designed to provide up to six steps of shake reduction. This should result in sharper images under […]

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Now you can talk to the robot Digit

Agility Robotics has released a clip showing how a user can control their logistics robot Digit with voice commands that the robot previously could not understand. In the clip, Digit is instructed to move a box that is the same color as Darth Vader’s lightsaber, i.e., red. Thanks to Agility incorporating support for a large […]

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World of Goo to Get a Sequel

Next year, the 15-year-old puzzle game World of Goo will get a sequel, and here you can check out a first trailer for it. The game is being developed, just like the original, by the indie studio 2D Boy, but this time they have also enlisted the help of Tomorrow Corporation, another American indie studio. […]

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Looking Glass Go is a Screen for Holograms

Looking Glass, the American company that has developed various screens intended to display holograms over the past few years, has now presented a new hologram screen called “Looking Glass Go”. Looking Glass Go is described as a portable holographic screen that can be carried in a pocket. However, it does not have a battery, so […]

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Urbanears Releases New Version of Zinken

Swedish brand Urbanears yesterday released a newly produced version of its wired over-ear headphones Zinken. The headphones were originally released in 2012 and, according to Urbanears, have become popular in DJ circles. In a press release, Urbanears states that they collaborated with several disc jockeys to develop the sound in the new version of Zinken, […]

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Amazon Releases Chatbot Q

Yesterday, Amazon Web Services introduced “Amazon Q,” an AI-driven chatbot primarily developed for use in corporate and business contexts. With Amazon Q, AWS customers will be able to ask various questions about data they have in AWS and other systems connected to the cloud service. It will be possible, among other things, to ask questions […]

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Modern Warfare III beta

This weekend, you’ll be able to beta test the multiplayer portion of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III. On October 6th, the beta will open for those who have pre-ordered the game, and then it will be available to all PlayStation owners from October 8th. It will close again on October 10th and […]

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Gameplay trailer for Anger Foot

Devolver Digital has released a gameplay trailer for their upcoming game, Anger Foot, an FPS game that seems to be designed for those who enjoy kicking their enemies. Anger Foot is set in Shit City and involves the player going around, kicking down doors, and kicking opponents that get in their way. There’s also a […]

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The action-packed supernatural shooter game Witchfire has been released in early access

Witchfire has looked really impressive in the gameplay videos released by the developer, The Astronauts (which includes people who have worked on titles like Painkiller and Bulletstorm), and now players can finally experience their witch-hunting FPS for themselves. The game was released in early access on the Epic Games Store yesterday, and initial impressions seem […]

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The soundtrack for EA Sports FC 24

EA Sports has today unveiled the list of all the songs that will be available to listen to in the menus for EA Sports FC 24. As usual, there are plenty of artists from all over the world intended to inspire those who want to play digital football. The soundtrack includes 100 artists, and from […]

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Neuralink ready to test brain chip on humans

Neuralink, Elon Musk’s biotech company aiming to implant chips in people’s brains, has begun seeking patients willing to participate in the company’s first clinical study on humans. The study is called the PRIME Study, which stands for ‘Precise Robotically Implanted Brain-Computer Interface.’ Neuralink is looking for individuals who have been paralyzed due to spinal cord […]

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Two new LoL spin-offs coming to Nintendo Switch

During Nintendo Direct, two new games based on League of Legends were revealed under the ‘League of Legends Story’ umbrella. Both games, Song of Nunu and Bandle Tale, are being released by RiotForge, a subsidiary of Riot Games, which previously launched LoL spin-offs like The Mageseeker and Convergence. In Song of Nunu, players will embark […]

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New trailer for Spider-Man 2

The sequel to the PlayStation game Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is set to be released soon, and during yesterday’s State of Play event, Sony released a new trailer for it. In the new trailer, they provide more details about what players can expect from the new Spider-Man 2. Among other things, the playable map of […]