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How To Fix The Most Common Problems on Steam Decks

The Steam Deck is loaded with excellent features, demonstrating robust performance and offering decent battery life. However, it still requires some refinement. Thankfully, Valve has been consistently rolling out crucial software updates to address issues and introduce desired features, gradually transforming the Steam Deck into a more stable and versatile gaming device. If you find […]

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How To Connect a PS5 Controller To A PC

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller marks a significant leap in controller design, introducing advanced haptic feedback technology to Sony’s new console. Beyond its primary use on the PlayStation 5, the DualSense controller is versatile enough to connect to and play games on a PC, offering users an extended gaming experience across different platforms. This adaptability […]

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The Sony DualSense Edge – Review

The Sony DualSense Edge is the first official premium PS5 controller that they have produced and is now a direct rival to the amazing Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 by Microsoft. The first thing that people notice with this controller is that it is a whopping $200, which means that it’s not only more […]

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Microsoft releases new Xbox controller

Microsoft has presented a new wireless controller for Xbox that may be of interest to Xbox players who want to show that they are making a slightly more environmentally conscious choice when buying a new Xbox controller. The controller is called the “Remix Special Edition” and one third of the material in the controller is […]

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Nintendo starts fixing broken Joy-Cons for free

Nintendo has announced that they will begin repairing Joy-Cons with the so-called drifting issue for free in Europe. Repairs will be performed for free even if the warranty on the Nintendo Switch has expired, Nintendo further stated. Drifting in the Joy-Con controllers has been one of the biggest issues with the Nintendo Switch, and thousands […]

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Abxylute is a handheld console for cloud gaming

Abxylute is a new handheld game console developed to run games via the cloud, which primarily competes with the Razer Edge and Logitech G Cloud consoles that were presented last year. It is an Android-based console with a 7-inch LTPS screen with 1080p resolution. According to the developers, it is possible to run cloud-based games […]

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Nintendo releases Zelda-themed Switch

On May 12th, Nintendo will release The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In anticipation of this, they will also release some Nintendo Switch items with a Zelda theme. On April 28th, it will be possible to purchase the OLED version of the Nintendo Switch, as seen in the image above, as well as […]

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Razer’s new Soundbar with AI-controlled 3D sound

Razer’s new gaming soundbar knows where you’re sitting and adjusts the sound accordingly to provide a 3D surround experience. At CES 2023 earlier this month, gaming specialist Razer not only brought computers but also a pretty unusual soundbar that literally targets gamers. The Razer Leviathan V2 Pro uses headtracking and artificial intelligence to detect exactly […]

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CES 2023: New gaming-headset from Audio-Technica

Gaming is extremely popular, and we’re not just talking about playing alone. Watching others play or share their adventures on streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube has also become a popular (and for some very lucrative) activity. But it’s important to have the right equipment! Japanese Audio-Technica has apparently realized this, because at CES 2023 […]

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The Best VR Headsets

VR goggles are a new and very popular way of being able to 100% immerse you into the world of your game that you’re playing so it would make sense that you are interested to find out what all the hype is about. How do you find the best VR headset To find the best […]

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Cool (and Useful) Gadgets for Your Dorm

August is right around the corner, and if you’re a college or university student that doesn’t live at home, it means it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll need for school – and for your dorm room. Here are some cool gadgets that won’t guarantee you’ll make the honor roll, but they’ll certainly make […]