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Most viewed trailers within 24 hours

Movie trailers are a crucial tool for promoting upcoming productions to a wide audience. In the second quarter of 2022, TV commercials and social media were the most popular ways for adults in the United States and Canada to discover new films, with 49.9% and 33.1% of respondents citing them, respectively. The Walt Disney Company, […]

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ShowBox 5.26 Is Officially Here

Depending on how often you consume news about apps, you might have heard something about a ShowBox 5.26 being available but that you’re not advised to download it. Well, a few days ago the developers of the app announced that they have dropped version 5.26. So if you’ve been waiting for the official word, this […]

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Is Terrarium TV Gone for Good?

How do you get a Netflix-like experience without having to pay Netflix-like prices? For Android users, the answer was Terrarium TV. It was quite popular with users for a few years until it started gaining mainstream attention. In September of 2018, the app’s developer Peter Chan (known as NitroXenon) announced that the app is shutting […]