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A24 to Make Death Stranding Movie

If you were fascinated by the game world in Hideo Kojima‘s peculiar game Death Stranding but not so keen on acting as a courier, you can now look forward to the film studio behind successes like Moonlight, Everything Everywhere All At Once, and Midsommar producing a movie based on the game. Death Stranding is set […]

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A Brief Look at Rocket Racing

Last week, Epic Games introduced three new game modes to Fortnite, which differ somewhat from the game’s original battle royale idea. We have previously written a bit about the game modes Lego Fortnite and Fortnite Festival. The third new game mode is called Rocket Racing and is a car game that doesn’t resemble traditional Fortnite […]

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Twelve South Releases New MagSafe Charger

There aren’t many definitive MagSafe and Apple Watch combo chargers, but this new charger from Twelve South actually looks to be pretty close to perfection. The new charger, Twelve South Butterfly, has a design that allows it to be used as both a charger and a stand, while also being very compact. It consists of […]

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Tesla releases the S3XY desk clock

Tesla’s Chinese division continues to release products that don’t directly have anything to do with Tesla’s cars but might be interesting for, very dedicated, Tesla fans. Now, a desk clock from Tesla has appeared in China which they call the “S3XY Time Glow Clock”. The clock resembles a tube amplifier where the “electron tubes”, which […]

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Humane showcases its AI pin

Humane, the AI company founded by two former Apple employees, has officially unveiled its “AI Pin.” This unveiling took place during Paris Fashion Week in conjunction with the fashion house Coperni showcasing a new collection. Exactly what the Humane AI Pin will be used for remains somewhat unclear. Humane themselves stated in a press release […]

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Now ChatGPT can browse the web again

OpenAI has announced that their chatbot ChatGPT can now browse the web again, which means that users can get answers based on information released on the web after 2021. The new feature in ChatGPT is called “Browse with Bing” and it uses Microsoft’s search engine Bing to fetch current information along with the corresponding links […]

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Matter 1.2 is coming this fall

Matter 1.2 is set to launch in the fall with support for additional categories within the smart home ecosystem. The IoT standard Matter is receiving a relatively significant update with the inclusion of categories like door locks, robot vacuum cleaners, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fans, and air conditioners. However, support for security cameras is missing […]

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E3 Faces Uncertain Future

It seems that the future of the E3 gaming expo is becoming increasingly uncertain. reports that the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), the organization behind E3, has terminated its partnership with ReedPop, the company that was set to organize this year’s E3 and E3 2024. In addition to ending its collaboration with ReedPop, ESA has […]

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Nintendo releases Switch Mario Red Edition

Nintendo has unveiled a special version of the OLED variant of the Nintendo Switch called the “Mario Red Edition.” This is a sort of tribute to Nintendo’s most iconic character, Super Mario. Both the console, joy-cons, and docking station are adorned in Super Mario red for the Mario Red Edition. There’s also a small Super […]

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A remaster of The Darkness could be in the works

The Darkness from 2007, developed by the Swedish studio Starbreeze, might be getting a remaster. When a person on Twitter expressed their desire to play The Darkness again but wished for a remaster because they didn’t feel like digging out their PS3, Nightdive’s CEO Stephen Kick jumped in with a response in all caps. And […]

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Trailer for The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Last Friday, a new game based on Tobe Hooper’s cult classic film “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” from 1974 was released. In “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” game, players take on the role of one of the members of a cannibal family, including Leatherface, or one of the victims being pursued by the family. Depending […]

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iPhone 15 Pro seems to be getting much faster

It’s almost time for the next generation of iPhones. Just like last year, only the pro models are expected to receive the latest chip, which will be called the A17 Bionic. In recent years, the chips have become slightly faster than the previous year’s version, but this year it seems like they’re taking a significant […]

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A trailer for Skull Island: Rise of the Kong

Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming game Skull Island: Rise of the Kong. The trailer isn’t exactly very impressive, and considering that the game comes from the same developer as G.I. Joe: Operation Blackout, maybe we shouldn’t have too high expectations here. Skull Island: Rise of the Kong is set to be released later […]

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Get The Elder Scrolls Online for free

Currently, Epic Megagames is giving away the MMORPG game, The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s worth mentioning that the game has additional costs if you want premium features and expansions, but that’s something you can consider later. Epic is also offering the game Murder by Numbers, and you can check out the trailer for it below. […]

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New trailer for Baldur’s Gate III

Larian Studios has released a new trailer for their upcoming Dungeons and Dragons game, Baldur’s Gate III, which will be released next month. The game has already been available in early access for a while, but on August 3rd, it will be fully released on PC. On September 6th, the game will also be released […]

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There will be no electric Beetle

When Volkswagen unveiled the ID. Buzz, the world was ecstatic, and when they announced that it would become a reality. A new Volkswagen bus was a dream come true. But now everyone is already wondering about the longevity of the model, and if we were to guess, we think the ID. Buzz will be discontinued […]