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Spotify launches DJ with Ai

One thing you miss/really don’t miss with Spotify is that DJ who chit-chats between songs. Now Spotify is releasing a DJ with artificial intelligence. The idea is that the DJ will play music you should like based on your preferences, and between songs a voice will tell you more about the songs and the music. […]

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What’s New in iOS 13?

The next update to the iOS operating system that runs on different iOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is already in development at Apple’s headquarters in California. As we know a limited amount about the new software now, we have heard some interesting rumors and exciting features and changes we can […]

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5 Essential Apps for Digital Nomads

According to a study published last year in the New York Times, 43% of Americans are reported to have worked remotely at least once in 2016. From work-oriented instant messaging to flight-booking applications, all a remote worker needs is an internet connection to break the boundaries of a traditional job. While keeping Android and Apple […]

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Snapchat Has Rolled Out New Sky Filters

Snapchat is quickly becoming a favorite, especially among teenagers and young adults. Its wide array of filters is ever changing, and users can even have special, customized filters created for much any occasions (as I recently wrote, even for funerals). Snapchat users have been enjoying morphing into each other, snapping cute pictures of them with […]

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Google Wants to Keep You Reading

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time on Wikipedia, you know how easy it is to lose yourself for hours clicking on embedded links that lead you to related articles. I once started reading up on my favorite cartoonist and found myself learning all about traditional Spanish meals three hours later. Well, if reading […]