The iPhone XL is one of the 3 phones that is rumored to be released later this year. Similar to the other 2 models, it will have a larger screen but is said to be the largest in the bunch at 6.5 inches.

The supersized smartphone will have a cheaper price point as it will sport an LCD screen instead of an OLED display. How cheap the mobile phone is going to be, however, may not mean a lower price. Apple refuses to use less costly materials for their products, after all.

The use of an LCD, however, will drop the price of an iPhone to a certain degree. According to the Wall Street Journal, this can mean faster sale when compared to iPhones with an OLED screen. In anticipation of this, more models with LCD screens are being produced.

iPhone XL: What’s new?

According to KGI Securities, Apple’s upcoming phone will not have a home button but will have a FaceID system instead. The same is true with the 2 other upcoming phones. This means the upcoming models will ditch the Touch ID as well.

It will have edge-to-edge screens and will have improved data transmission quality, what with the stainless-steel metal frame being replaced.

Also, there will be enhancements and tweaks on the processing speed, screen resolution, and battery life. The smartphone is rumored to have 3D sensors, complete glass design, and a curved display.

Say goodbye to the iPhone X

The release of the iPhone XL will mark the death of the iPhone X, which is said will be discontinued when Apple’s next-generation iPhones are released.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Apple did the same with the iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5.

Part of the reason that iPhone X will be discontinued is that it has not made much of a mark in the Chinese market because of its price and size. The iPhone XL will take over instead.

iPhone XL: What’s the latest update?

Many believed that the iPhone XL could be named iPhone 11 or iPhone X Plus. Recent updates revealed that Apple has settled on naming the new handsets of 2019 as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R.

While the iPhone 11 is the most anticipated smartphone of the year, it is not the most exciting. New renders showed that the colors consumers can anticipate are Gold, Silver, and Space Gray.

It is distinct from previous models in many ways.

  • The camera bump will have 3 lenses
  • The mute switch is small and round similar to that of the iPad Pro and slides down on the side instead of slides down from front to back.

iPhone XL or iPhone 11 is set to hit the shelves sometime in August.

For faster LTE, the 3 new handsets will be built with the A12 chipset with improved LTE chips. As for the price, the iPhone XL is believed to cost at least $999.

Not exactly cheap, right? This is especially true when other lower-cost handsets only have a price point of between $605 and £698.

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