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DALI Epikore 11 is coming soon

Believe it or not, but DALI is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2023! The innovative Danish speaker manufacturer has had an incredible journey. It’s certainly something worth celebrating, and they are doing so with yet another new and hopefully epic(?) speaker design. DALI Epikore 11 was first showcased at the High-end trade show in Munich […]

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Google stops updating Pixel 4a

Google has confirmed that they will not release a September update for the Pixel 4a, which officially means it is no longer supported by Google. The phone received its last update in August, and there will be no extension of support. It’s worth mentioning that there is also a phone called the Pixel 4a 5G, […]

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The new AirPods Pro will support Lossless audio

Apple’s new AirPods Pro, while still classified as the second generation AirPods Pro, come with some new features. The updated AirPods Pro will indeed support 20-bit, 48 kHz lossless audio with low latency when the earbuds are connected to Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, set to launch early next year. “When Apple Vision Pro is […]

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AirPods Pro also get USB-C

As Apple is now bidding farewell to its Lightning connector for the iPhone, the same change will also apply to Apple’s AirPods Pro headphones. The case for the AirPods Pro sold from now on will come equipped with USB-C charging as well as wireless MagSafe charging. However, Apple’s traditional AirPods have not yet been provided […]

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Anthropic Releases Claude Pro

AI company Anthropic has now released the chatbot Claude Pro, their counterpart to OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT Plus. Claude Pro is built on Anthropics’ free bot Claude, which the company released earlier this year, and it utilizes the large language model (LLM) Claude 2. According to Anthropic, Claude Pro offers five times more usage than their […]

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MediaTek has developed a 3nm chip

MediaTek announced yesterday that it has developed its first 3nm chipset based on TSMC’s 3nm process. The new 3nm chip will make its debut next year in MediaTek’s flagship Dimensity series. Currently, we don’t know much more about the chip, except that it offers an 18 percent increase in speed while maintaining the same power […]

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Pixel 8 Pro leaks once again

We’ve already seen a bunch of images of Google’s upcoming Pixel 8 Pro, and it continues here as Google has now uploaded renders of the phone in all three colors it appears to be released in. The images also confirm that the phone will have a temperature sensor on the back, which users will probably […]

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Withings launches ScanWatch 2

Withings is launching the ScanWatch 2, an updated version of its popular smartwatch. The new model includes more sensors to provide new health metrics. Some of the new features include variation in baseline body temperature, measurement of menstrual cycles, heart rate stability, and automatic recognition of over 40 different types of physical activities. The ScanWatch […]

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9 Epic Minutes from WH40K: Space Marine 2

During Gamescom, we got glimpses of Space Marine 2, but it mostly consisted of stitched-together sequences of questionable quality. Now, however, Focus Entertainment has blessed us with a dedicated video showcasing nine uninterrupted minutes of gameplay in high quality. The main character is, of course, Titus, accompanied here by his companions Chairon and Gadriel as […]

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Sony Raises Prices for PlayStation Plus

Alongside the announcement of next month’s games for its PlayStation Plus subscriptions, Sony also revealed that the subscription costs will soon increase. In a blog post, Sony stated that the annual costs for ‘PlayStation Plus Essential’ will rise from 59.99 euros to 71.99 euros, ‘PlayStation Plus Extra’ from 99.99 euros to 125.99 euros, and ‘PlayStation […]

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Thumbs up for the new iPhone?

When Apple implements the next change to iPhone software, your thumb will need to be ready at all times. Yes, your thumb. Apple is making a minor change to the iPhone software next month. Even though it’s small, it’s likely to disrupt your muscle memory. It’s the red “End Call button” that’s moving. Currently, the […]

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Musical Fidelity re-launches the A1 amplifier

Musical Fidelity is now re-launching its classic A1 amplifier with original specifications, along with modern upgrades. This marks the first time since its initial release in 1985 that the company is bringing back the A1 with its original specifications and appearance. The new model of the amplifier, however, features an updated transformer, power supply, and […]

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Sonos Move 2 leaks out

Sonos seems to be gearing up to release the second version of its portable speaker, Move. According to The Verge, the company will launch the speaker, called Move 2, as early as September. The speaker is said to have a design similar to its predecessor but will feature the new controls from Era 100 and […]

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Yamaha launches two new soundbar speakers

Yamaha has announced two brand new Dolby Atmos soundbar speakers after recently returning to the market: the SR-B40A with a wireless external subwoofer and the SR-B30A, which handles bass reproduction via a built-in subwoofer. These new TV speakers are a step up from Yamaha’s compact SR-C30A and SR-C20A, reflected in both their size and presumably […]

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Rick and Morty to return this year

Adult Swim confirmed last week that Rick & Morty will return for a seventh season later this year. However, co-creator Justin Roiland will not be involved in this season as he was fired following allegations of misconduct, which were later dismissed. Justin was also known for voicing several characters, including Rick and Morty themselves. It […]

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This Swiss CD player has gold in its mouth

Goldmund Eidos SACD promises extravagant sound quality – but you probably have to be filthy rich to afford one. Swiss brand Goldmund specializes in products for “hi-fi oligarchs” and other super-rich audiophiles who aren’t bothered by extra zeros on the price tag. The manufacturer from Geneva exclusively produces ultra high-end audio products, and now they […]

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Soon you can set up a VPN on Apple TV

In a press release issued by Apple during its developer conference WWDC, where they introduced tvOS 17 for Apple TV, Apple mentioned that developers will have the ability to release VPN apps for Apple TV. This means that those who enjoy watching streaming services that may not be available in their region, will have the […]