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Hello Games Presents Light No Fire

Hello Games, the British game studio behind No Man’s Sky, has unveiled a new game named Light No Fire. It’s an adventure game set in an open world described as a fantasy planet the same size as Earth. Hello Games writes about the world where the game takes place: A truly open world, with no […]

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Nvidia Makes Major Investments in AI Companies

Nvidia, the company that supplies many of today’s AI companies with hardware, has made significant investments in AI startups over the past year, reports Financial Times. It is Nvidia’s venture capital division, NVentures, that is reported to have invested $827 million in various companies until October this year. This amount is ten times what NVentures […]

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Logitech Presents Astro A50 X

Logitech G today introduced the next flagship model in the Astro series. The headset is called Astro A50 X and consists of a headset and a base station. People who own both an Xbox and a PlayStation know that there aren’t too many headsets that support both consoles well, which can be a bit frustrating. […]

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Google DeepMind Proposes AI Ranking System

Researchers at Google’s AI division, DeepMind, have written a report proposing a sort of ranking system for artificial intelligence, which is intended to classify both today’s AI algorithms and the future AGI systems (Artificial General Intelligence) that are expected to emerge. The researchers drew inspiration from how self-driving cars are currently classified on a scale […]

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Xcom-like game “The Lamplighters League” is released today – to lukewarm reviews

Harebrained Schemes has previously developed games like Shadowrun and Battletech, and today they release their latest creation, “The Lamplighters League.” It’s a strategy game in the same vein as Xcom but also features an infiltration element where you can sneak around and position your characters as you wish, similar to Mutant Year Zero: Road to […]

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New trailer for RoboCop: Rogue City

You can now pre-order the upcoming RoboCop game, RoboCop: Rogue City, and in conjunction with that, the game studio Teyon has released a new trailer for the game. The game is available for pre-order in a standard version priced at approximately $50 and an “Alex Murphy” edition that will cost around $60. In the Alex […]

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Meta Quest 3 is set to release in October

During the Meta Connect event, Meta showcased the latest version of its mixed reality headset, Meta Quest. The new version has become slightly more compact and more powerful than its predecessor, Meta Quest 2. Meta Quest 3 runs on the second generation of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2 platform, which is said to provide the headset with […]

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Apple releases beta of iOS 17.1

Apple has now begun rolling out the first beta for iOS 17.1, which will be the first major update for iOS 17 that was released last week. The upcoming update includes new features like favorites in Apple Music, replacing the heart markings. These can now also be accessed directly from the now playing panel on […]

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Today, macOS Sonoma is released

Today, Apple is rolling out this year’s major macOS update in the form of macOS Sonoma. The biggest news in Sonoma is the introduction of widgets to macOS. Users will be able to place interactive widgets on their desktops. There is also the ability to share widgets from an iPhone to a Mac running Sonoma […]

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The Division 3 is now officially announced

Yesterday, Ubisoft issued a brief press release announcing that the game studio Massive Entertainment has begun development on a third installment of The Division franchise. They also mentioned that Julian Gerighty will oversee all The Division projects in the future. We may have over 40 million players, but The Division is still in its early […]

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Amazon’s Alexa to get generative AI

Amazon unveiled a new version of its voice assistant Alexa during its hardware event yesterday. The new version of Alexa is powered by a new language model designed to understand conversations, interpret context, and perform multiple tasks from a single command. According to Dave Limp, head of Amazon’s devices and services, this is a significant […]

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A new Xbox design leaks

It appears that Microsoft is planning to update the Xbox Series X with both a new design and functionality in the coming year. Information leaked in connection with Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard also seems to include details about upcoming Xbox models. As seen in the image above, the new Xbox Series X model, codenamed […]

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PC games may come to Xbox Cloud Gaming

It appears that Microsoft has been working on making PC games available on its cloud gaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming, as reported by The Verge. Currently, only Xbox versions of various games are offered through Xbox Cloud Gaming, due to the fact that the servers running the games are based on Xbox hardware. According to […]

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A trailer for UFC 5

EA has released a new trailer for the upcoming UFC 5, where they try to convince everyone why the game will be the best interactive UFC experience to date. They boast about how the Frostbite engine has allowed them to have more realistic animations and injury systems for all the game’s matches. The game will […]

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Now, original parts for the Pixel Tablet are available on iFixit

Google and iFixit continue their collaboration, making it easier for Google Pixel Tablet owners to repair their devices themselves. Genuine Pixel Tablet parts are now available for purchase on iFixit’s website, along with user repair guides that demonstrate how to install various components. You can buy the rear cover with volume controls, antennas, fingerprint reader, […]