Just when you thought your life couldn’t get any better, your good old friend ‘stress’ decides to pay you a visit and things take a pretty awry turn from there. Stress is unsolicited, which is why it’s called Stress, duh! You may have heard a lot of people saying that stress gets better when you pay less attention to it and it is probably true. There are a lot of things that you can do to distract yourself from the stress, like going out on a stroll, or hiking, or even better, coloring. That’s right. Although the idea of resorting to a coloring book may sound like gibberish, but c’mon, even grown-ups deserve to take a break from the hustle and bustle of this life.

When stressed, the first that you mustn’t do is give up on it. Regardless of how much it holds you back from keeping yourself busy and distracted, you should always remember one thing, and that is, severe stress negatively impacts your creativity. So opting for creative things while under stress will not only boost your creativity levels, but would also change your mood from bad to good, in a blink.

Speaking of the creative things, why don’t you use the internet at your home and download a few adult coloring apps on your phone. In case you are looking for a good connection, check out Spectrum. Apparently, Spectrum internet is out there to give other connections a run for their money. With ultra-fast speeds, minimum latency and Spectrum internet customer service, Spectrum makes extra sure that you get unmatchable experience.

Pivoting back to coloring apps for adults, you probably have no idea that the market is now flooded with some great coloring apps. To help you out, we are jotting down some of the best coloring apps for iPhone that you can use to help yourself out of stress and into mental peace:

1. Pigment

Pigment is one beautiful app available for iPhone. When we say this app is a beautiful one, we mean it! You get an array of beautiful patterns, floral doodles, and what-not, along with an exotic solid and gradient color palette. Plus, with an array of different brushes, you can add your touch to your artworks.

You can download Pigment for free, but if you want to access new patterns and colors that are uploaded daily, then you’ll have to upgrade to its paid version.

2. Color Therapy

Just as the name suggests, this app is therapeutic, especially in those stressful episodes of your life. This app opens a portal to an endless array of patterns, designs, and drawings. Just like every other app, this app also requires a little ‘fee’ that allows you to add new drawings and colors to your existing collection.

3. Colorfly

If you love Mandalas, then pretty sure you will love Colorfly too. This app has a gallery where new images are uploaded on a daily basis. Also, there are 5 categories, each with around 8-10 coloring pages. So with a total of 45-50 images, Colorfly is a pretty good catch that you can’t miss!

4. Color Me

Another, fun coloring app for adults is Color Me. The reason that makes this app different from its competitors is the fact that it’s completely free of cost. All you need to do is download this app and get access to a plethora of images, waiting to be brought to life by you. The drawings are available from  basic level to advance. Plus, if you love Mandalas, then this app has an abundance of those too.

5. Color Art

If you like apps that are easy to use, then Color Art is the one that stands atop. You’ll find 5 basic categories, and each category comes with 10 – 11 designs for you to color. Since this app is not free, you can access various designs on fix subscription fee. However, if you look on the bright side, the free version allows you through a single design for each locked category that you can color, anytime you want.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

The next time you feel like your life is being a bit too hard on you, then make sure to unwind with the help of these coloring apps. There’s something about looking at the colors, that instantly helps you make your mood better. Thus, no matter what everyone else says, we’ll stick with the notion that colors hold the ability to turn your frown into a smile.

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