Apple has many different products. Updates to different products happen more often than none. The worst feeling is buying a product and then a week later a new version comes out. Here is a simple buyers guide for Apples different products and when is a good time to buy them.

    Recently updated and is far from it’s usual cycle of release.
    Been out for a while. In the middle of its known previous release cycles.
    Getting closer to its end of cycle.
  • = Don’t Buy
    A new release is getting imminent.

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 Pro


11′ iPad Pro

12.9′ iPad Pro

iPhone SE

iPad Air

iPad Mini

15′ MacBook Air

Latest Release June 2023

Previous Releases:

Average Release Cycle = N/A

13′ MacBook Air

Latest Release July 2022

Previous Releases:
– November 2020
– March 2020
– July 2019

Average Release Cycle = 1,2 Years

13′ MacBook Pro

14′ & 16′ MacBook Pro


Mac Mini

Mac Studio

Mac Pro


HomePod Mini


AirPods Pro

AirPods Max

Apple Watch

Apple Watch SE

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple TV

Apple’s products are some of the most popular with gadget enthusiasts. If you are one of these enthusiasts, try to retain objectivity and patience to get the best possible deal on an Apple gadget.

Apple devices feature premium quality, and their prices reflect the value they provide. Price drops are few and far between. And most often, they are nominal discounts that hardly put a dent in the original price.

How can you grab a deal on Apple gear?

Looking for Discounts on Last Year’s Gadgets

Keeping ahead of Apple’s release cycles is imperative for many gadget fans. To many, it makes no sense to buy a gadget only to have its next version launch a week later. Looking for discounts on last year’s gadgets is not for such Apple fans.

These deals are for those willing to compromise. They may have to give up the cool factor while gaining comparable functionality for less.

Apple gear that’s been sitting in storage for less than a year can be a great deal as long as a shiny new gadget unseats it as the flagship offering of the brand. Viability is the keyword.

  • Previous generation Apple watches are functionally viable. Getting them when a new iteration of the product line launches makes good sense.
  • Pay attention to the features the new models offer. If they are game-changing and you need them, don’t settle for last year’s model. But if the new model doesn’t bring any must-have improvements over the last one, go for the better deal.
  • Consider the product type and its current technological stage carefully. If a product line recently got a significant or game-changing upgrade, it is less likely to get another one of that magnitude with its next iteration. Apple only gives small, iterative improvements to the Apple watches. That may make last year’s model an attractive proposition.
  • Consider the power of hype when making a purchase or looking for deals. Hype is always a significant price booster, and there is no shortage of it with new products. The hype takes a while to recede, and when it does, the price of your favorite gadget may dive as well.

Considering All Discounts

If you’re shopping for discounts on Apple gadgets, you must cast a wide net. Apple isn’t generous with its promotions. Given the popularity of the brand and its products, it doesn’t have to be. Still, sometimes it offers gift cards and other perks to potential buyers.

The only way to find out about these saving opportunities is to stay in the loop. Sometimes it makes sense to go to Apple directly for discounts. You should keep an eye on Walmart, Amazon, and other retailers as they may sometimes offer better prices than Apple, even with its discounts considered.

If you train your eyes on Apple for discounts, consider the following:

  • Corporate deals: If your company gets special deals from Apple through a corporate portal, it makes practical sense to do your shopping through that portal.
  • Focusing on sustainability: If you have an older Apple device, you may be able to trade it in for the hottest new model and receive a discount. If you value sustainability, this option is even more attractive for you.
  • Student discounts: Apple supports education through its Apple Education Store portal. If you qualify, you can get nice deals on Apple gadgets there.
  • Considering refurbished products: Refurbished products are always cheaper than sealed ones.And Apple maintains a special store for such products. Refurbished gadgets may show some light signs of wear but work fine otherwise.

Timing is Crucial

Jumping into the first Apple store and picking up the gadget of your dreams is hardly a practical approach from the perspective of savings. If you are patient and can wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the two most important dates in the promotions calendar, you can save significant amounts on your purchases.

Historically, most Apple deals are in November. Both Black Friday and Cyber Sunday carry many satellite promotions that expand the promotional horizon well into October, in Black Friday’s case. Taking advantage of price-protection guarantees around these times may also be an option. Do not let the promotional season blind you to other deals throughout the year. Stay in the promotional loop and keep your eyes open. And swoop down on your Apple gadget deal when the opportunity presents itself.

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