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Why CRM software improves customer focus

The customer revolution has taken a different turn in the business market. It’s no longer about the business needs, but the customer’s demand.  The customers are more socially engaged, knowledgeable, and modernized. They no longer interact with business due to prices or products, but technology and digitally transformed matters. They need their demands to address […]

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The iPad Pro 10.5: A Huge Step Forward for Apple

We’ve come to expect superior quality from Apple’s products, and it’s iPad line is no exception. It’s not quite the personal computer that Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook predicted last year, but it’s closer than it’s ever been. Let’s start with the iPad Pro 10.5’s bigger, better screen. I mean, that’s 10 and a […]

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Microwave-Powered Pacemakers Could Save Even More Lives

There is no question that since its introduction in 1932, the pacemaker has helped save the lives of countless heart patients. Albert Hyman, along with his engineer brother, designed the first “artificial pacemaker”, which consisted of a needle that was inserted into the heart delivering electricity generated by an external hand crank. Obviously this was […]