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John Krasinski and Ryan Reynolds Make Family Film About Living Imaginary Friends

John Krasinski has assembled a star-studded cast with Reynolds at the forefront and follows up “A Quiet Place” with an imaginative family film. John Krasinski became a director to watch with the horror film “A Quiet Place,” and now he’s coming out with his next (and more child-friendly) project: “IF: Imaginary Friends,” a family film […]

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Big Walk is an Upcoming Adventure Game

House House, the game studio behind the slightly quirky game Untitled Goose Game, has now showcased some of their upcoming game Big Walk. Big Walk is an adventure game where players can team up with others in an open-world experience and explore what’s there. The game is described by House House as “a cooperative online […]

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Bluey is set to become a video game

The delightful Australian children’s series Bluey is soon getting its own game. In the game, you can play as various family members from Bluey’s family, and it’s described as an interactive sandbox adventure for up to four players. It seems like you’ll be able to visit different locations from the TV series and play together […]

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Samsung releases AI-driven food app, Food

Samsung might not have the most exciting lineup of new products at the IFA fair; instead, they are introducing an AI-driven food and recipe platform called Samsung Food. The service aims to provide a personalized cooking experience with over 160,000 recipes, according to Samsung. The platform is being launched directly in 104 countries, available in […]

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SpaceX introduces new Starlink Router with Wifi 6

SpaceX has unveiled its third-generation Wi-Fi router for Starlink. A few chosen customers have received emails offering them a chance to test the new router for $200, according to several individuals who received the invitation. The new router introduces support for Wifi 6 and tri-band functionality for Starlink, enhancing range, performance, and device support. The […]

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Grow mushrooms at home with Shrooly

If you’re interested in cultivating mushrooms at home, the small greenhouse called Shrooly might be intriguing. It’s a transparent box where the user can grow one of twelve types of mushrooms at a time. To use Shrooly, you need to plant the company’s own mushroom pods in the small greenhouse. Then, the user selects the […]

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Roborock joins the Connectivity Standards Alliance

Now, Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) has announced that several more companies, including the manufacturer Roborock, have become members of the organization. This could be seen as a sign that the manufacturer’s robot vacuum cleaners will receive support for the smart home standard, Matter, in the future. The first major update of the standard, Matter 2.0, […]

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Now you can buy a pair of Apple sneakers

The auction house Sotheby’s is now selling a pair of “Omega Sports Apple Computer Sneakers” for the staggering price of $50,000. These shoes were distributed to Apple employees during a sales conference in the mid-1990s. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any information on the exact number of pairs that were produced or how many are still […]

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WhatsApp released for WearOS

Meta has now released a standalone app for its messaging service on WearOS, Google’s operating system for smartwatches. With WhatsApp on WearOS, it is possible to read messages from Meta’s messaging service and record voice messages that can be sent through the service. To use the watch version of WhatsApp on WearOS, users need WearOS […]

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New trailer for Ahsoka

It’s just over a month until the new Star Wars series, Ahsoka, debuts on Disney+. In the series, we will follow the former Jedi knight Ahsoka Tano (Rosario Dawson), who was trained by Anakin Skywalker before he became Darth Vader. In the Star Wars universe timeline, Ahsoka takes place roughly around the same time as […]

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Weekend cozy time with a new Pikmin 4 trailer

Nintendo is releasing Pikmin 4 in a few weeks and has now unveiled another cozy trailer for the upcoming game. In the video, we follow a traveler who encounters Pikmins and learns more about how to work with them and their abilities. It’s Nintendo-level coziness at its finest. Perhaps less cozy is the revelation of […]

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New trailer for Foundation

Here’s another trailer for the second season of Apple TV’s sci-fi epic, Foundation, the series based on Isaac Asimov’s acclaimed Foundation trilogy. The second season picks up approximately a century after the season finale of the show’s first season. There appear to be conflicts brewing on multiple fronts, something that threatens to lead to the […]

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Bohemia is working on Dayz 2, according to documents

Bohemia Interactive is developing the sequel to the zombie game, Dayz 2, as revealed in documents submitted to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by Microsoft in their attempt to acquire Activision Blizzard. This has been reported by various sources, including MP1st. The existence of Dayz 2 being developed by Bohemia was not previously known. […]

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Microsoft had plans to acquire Sega and Bungie to enhance Game Pass

According to internal documents, Microsoft has been interested in acquiring other studios in addition to Activision Blizzard and Bethesda to expand its library in Game Pass. There have been significant acquisitions in the gaming industry in recent years. We have seen Swedish holding company Embracer acquire development studios Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal, and Square Enix […]

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Trailer for Nimona

Today, Netflix released the trailer for the upcoming animated film Nimona, which will start streaming at the end of this month. The movie is set in a futuristic version of a medieval world where a knight must seek the help of Nimona, a young girl with the ability to shapeshift. Nimona will be available on […]