Google has updated its guidelines for Android developers, which among other things means that it should be easier for users to delete data stored via apps developed for Android.

easier to delete your data in Android apps

In an update to the new guidelines, Google writes, among other things:

For apps that enable app account creation, developers will soon need to provide an option to initiate account and data deletion from within the app and online.

In short, this means that developers must ensure that users can delete their data both through the developers’ app and through a web form that can be accessed from the app’s download page in the Android app store Google Play Store. The latter is a new requirement that means users should be able to delete personal information from apps without having to reinstall the app in the event that they previously uninstalled it from their phone.

delete your data in Android apps

Google plans to introduce these guidelines for deleting personal data from apps sometime in the beginning of next year.

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