The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will hit the store shelves without the buttons or a headphone jack. It seems the company has finally caved into the smartphone trends that have left a negative impact on consumers.

The absence of these features could be a deal breaker to a few Note fans.

Sources said that physical buttons and a 3.5mm headphone jack are the two things that the Note 10 won’t have when it will be released in two to three months’ time.

How will smartphone users navigate the various settings?

The Bixby, power, and volume buttons will be replaced by capacitive or pressure-sensitive sensors that may have raised portions or texture along the edge. According to source who is familiar with Samsung’s plans, the “capacitive or pressure-sensitive areas” may or may not be “highlighted by some kind of raised ‘bump’ and/or texture along the edge.”

In 2016, Apple was the first to ditch the headphone jack when the company rolled out the iPhone 7. Since then, several brands followed suit, including Google, Huawei, Motorola and OnePlus.

Without the headphone jack, Samsung will have more room to accommodate a larger battery and design a mobile with a thinner form factor.

Given the size of the signature S Pen, however, which is more than 3.5mm, removing the headphone port won’t make much of a difference.

Should the Korean company push for a buttonless Note 10, it won’t be the first to do so.

Early in 2019, a futuristic smartphone called Meizu Zero was revealed without the buttons or any ports. Other phones, such as the Nubia Red Magic Mar, have also been experimenting with capacitive pads. In this model, the pads are placed along the edges and will serve as shoulder ‘buttons’ when the device is rotated horizontally.

Samsung Galaxy Note Series Release Dates

Samsung ModelRelease Date
Galaxy Note 3 NeoMarch 2014
Galaxy Note 4October 2014
Galaxy Note EdgeNovember 2014
Galaxy Note 5August 2015
Galaxy Note FEJuly 2017
Galaxy Note 8September 2017
Galaxy Note 9 August 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Redesigned cameras

Recent leaks of the Note 10 showed that the current camera design features two vertical strips. The large one will feature the primary, optical zoom, and wide-angle lenses, while the smaller one will house the Flash, Flood Illuminator, and the ToF camera.

The reason why people call the design a mess and “much much worse” is that the same modules have installed into the Galaxy S10 5G in a clean and single array in a horizontal position.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10: Faster charging

This is one of the Note 10’s redeeming qualities. Rumor has it that charging will go as much as 50 watts, a major upgrade from Galaxy S10’s 15W charging. According to a source working closely with the company’s supply chain, faster charging is definite.

Still excited for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Highly positive leaks have caused the excitement surrounding the Note 10 to dwindle.

If you don’t think the lack of a headphone jack and buttons or the camera design a deal breaker, however, then you’ll view its other rumored features a reason to celebrate.

Apart from faster charging, the Note 10 is said to sport a symmetrical design and with a selfie camera set in the center.

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