NewPipe is a well-known YouTube client, offering a simplified streaming experience for existing users of the service. NewPipe was created with the specific aim to get the very original YouTube make up back onto your phones. This means all your favourite videos, without the advertisements and permissions/shared data. NewPipe is open-source and can be found on GitHub. It can also be downloaded on all Android devices.

The service boasts a number of key positives for users, including the lightweight aspect. NewPipe is fast, small, consumes a small amount of data, and saves on battery life. They also promise to protect your privacy, with zero proprietary Google APIs. They only send information needed to get video and channel details, store all data offline on your own device, and you decide what data they keep.

NewPipe allows you to customise your downloads, play and use other apps and services while having the app in the background, use a pop-up player feature, subscribe to channels, as well as bookmarking and re-watching videos through your history. The app is an entirely free service, powered by a growing community with donations covering the majority of company costs. It is one of the most promising lightweight open-source YouTube apps on the market, and you can see why it is doing so well.

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