Hoverwatch is one of the famous android spying apps. We’re living in a generation where many people lead double lives. That is the social media or the internet and their actual lives. 

This is so especially for children who tend to spend most of their free time on the internet. Here they can experience cyber threats such as bullying or exposure to inappropriate sites. 

Thus, many parents are looking for the best free keylogger to help them in monitoring their children activities. As well, android keyloggers can be used by corporations and private institutions as excellent tools for spying employees. 

When searching for the best spy app for Android it’s essential always to consider the reliability of the tool, and that it has unique and advanced features. Hoverwatch best free keylogger is an excellent option for parents and employers who wish to track phone activities in their daily lives. 

What is Android Keylogger?

An Android keylogger or a mobile spying program is a tool that can monitor every phone’s activity. It gathers all keystrokes entered on Android devices, and you can view these collected data in your accounts. It’s considered as spyware which secretly monitors SMS messages, emails, videos, images or any other information shared through a targeted Android device. 

Years ago, Android keyloggers were used by cyber criminals and spies to track users’ activities and steal passwords or private information. However, these spying apps today are used by parents to monitor kid’s safety. Employees also use them to ensure the company’s information is safe.  
For instance, parents use the apps to confirm children aren’t involving in shady social media activities. Also, employers can use the app to ensure that company phones are only used for work and not personal purposes. 

Types of Keyloggers

Most people term keyloggers as software programs. But it’s not a must for the keylogger to be a computer application. There’re two tools types. 

Software Keylogger

This’s a programmed software designed to record keystrokes. They’re also called malware. These programs are available for both Android and computers, and you can download them from reputable websites such as Hoverwatch.

Hardware Keyloggers

Hardware keyloggers are external. You can connect them to your computer to track data. They’re physical and tangible gadgets and not available for Android devices. 

How Hoverwatch Best Free Keylogger for Android Works

Hoverwatch best free Android keylogger is simple to use. If you install this program correctly, it will collect accurate data. As it records this data, it stores it in the “Log files.” You also have control over the data type the software logs. 
After installing the app, it’ll use your configured settings to monitor the targeted device. The data will then be sent to Hoverwatch account for your viewing. 

However, for you to use this best free keylogger, you need an internet connection. By signing in into your Hoverwatch dashboard, you can view the information according to its categories. Additionally, it has a unique “Upload Only to Wi-Fi” feature that will ensure the software doesn’t consume too much target user’s data. 

Do I Need Any Knowledge to Install or Use Hoverwatch Best Free Keylogger?

The Hoverwatch installation process is easy to perform, and it doesn’t need any special skills. Also, you don’t need to learn how to use Hoverwatch Keylogger, as long as you’ve operated a smartphone before. The spying app also has a user-friendly dashboard. 

Can a Target User Detect the Program on Their Phone?

Hoverwatch is one of the safest and most reliable Keylogger. It’s undetectable since it has a stealth mode functionality. Once you install this tool, it’ll not display a Hoverwatch icon, and the file will not be visible on Android’s recent installed programs. 

Key Hoverwatch Best Free Keylogger Features.

With a Hoverwatch keylogger, you can access recordings of the incoming and outgoing calls. This data is accessible on the website’s dashboard after you log in into your account.

SMS and Call Recording

You can also identify the caller’s names as well as the call duration. 
Apart from calls, the app also records SMS and MMS. If a user sent or receives a text message, the conversations will be logged into Hoverwatch account. 

Facebook and WhatsApp Spy

Hoverwatch Android Keylogger has capabilities of recording chats sent through WhatsApp and Facebook massager. This’s an advanced and unique feature in this modern Android spying app. 
Since most conversations nowadays are happening on WhatsApp, you’ll be able to figure out what employees and your kids are planning. Tracking these social media networks also offers a perfect hidden mode spying experience. 

Location Tracking

This’s a well-designed feature in Hoverwatch spying app. GPS tracking will enable you to monitor devices instantly and remotely. It’ll also provide accurate information about the locations of the smartphone. 

Stealth Mode and Camera Tracking

After installing Hoverwatch on target devices, the stealth mode will be activated right away. This feature enables the Android tracker to perform keystroke logging on the background, and without the user of the device noticing. 
Additionally, the app has an advanced camera tracking. It’ll take quick, stealthy photos of the users when they unlock the phone. This will assist employers in identifying individuals sharing company devices with unauthorized persons or thieves. 

Periodic Screenshots Export

Monitoring kids or employees can be difficult, especially if you’re unable to view the actual activities on the target devices. But with Hoverwatch software, you can track phones remotely. The program also has a feature which exports screenshots from the device to your monitoring dashboard. 

How Safe is Hoverwatch Keylogger

Hoverwatch monitors targeted devices in a hidden mode. This makes it safe, reliable as well as confidential. For you to view log files, you need to sign in into Hoverwatch account with your login credential. Thus, the data will not be accessed by unauthorized persons. 

View Logs on your Android Mobile

For easy viewing of logs on another device, download the Hoverwatch Viewer. Now you do not need to enter the office, you can see everything on your phone. Hoverwatch Viewer will show all actions on another device by selecting them by activity. 

Pricing Policy

Even if you’re tight in budget, Hoverwatch subscription prices are cost-effective. Additionally, you can check out the application as a free-trial. The pricing options include: 

Personal Plan Prices

The package is suitable for tracking one phone such as the smartphone of your partner. 
1. $24.95 per month  
2. $49.95 for 3 months  
3. $99.95 for 12 months 

Professional or Family Plan Costs

This plan can support monitoring of five devices. Thus, it’s perfect for employers or parents with a few kids. 
1. $49.95 per month  
2. $99.95 for 3 months  
3. $199.95 for one year 

Business plan

This package can spy 25 devices. It’s a good option for businesses or companies. 
1. $149.95 per month  
2. $299.95 for 3 months  
3. $499.95 for one year 


Hoverwatch has many features for its users. It also has internet history tracking, SIM change detection, and contacts identification. 
The pricing of this tracking software is cost-friendly, and you can choose a business, family or personal plan to use its unique features. Therefore, Hoverwatch is one of the best free keyloggers for parents and employers.

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