No matter what people talk about the next Elder Scrolls game, one thing is for sure: the excitement is real. That said, fans have been clamoring for updates, teasers, and other information that Bethesda will share to the public while they all wait for the release.

Finally, Fallout 76 is now available for fans and avid players everywhere. That means Bethesda has one more game left to release before The Elder Scrolls 6 finally sees the light of day. And while fans are still in the dark when it comes to what’s in store for the game, there still are discussions about it all over the internet.

If you’re craving updates and announcement about The Elder Scrolls 6, then you’ve come to the right place! Here’s what we know about the highly-anticipated game so far.

What happens after Skyrim?

The fifth installment for TES concluded with the Empire not being in a strong position. However, players have seen its decline since the Oblivion Crisis. In fact, the Empire suffered a heavy loss from fighting the “Great War” even before Skyrim.

That said, fans predict that a new Great War could begin after seeing it as a possibility as Skyrim’s storyline went on. But then there is still the lingering question as to how much time will pass in the story from where Skyrim left off and where The Elder Scrolls 6 will pick up.

What will be the fate of the empire?

While Bethesda has been quite inconsistent in terms of the games time jumps between the games’ installments, fans know well enough that if The Elder Scrolls 6 make a small time jump, it may be just in time for the next big war between the Dominion and the Empire.

With that in mind, they can predict that it’s possible for the Aldmeri to win the possible war due to the current state of the Empire. If the storyline sees the Imperials turning the tables, the Empire can end up either through a radical transformation or it all collapses entirely.

Elder Scrolls 6

Will the next game support mods?

Still, a lot of players want to know if the upcoming Elder Scrolls game features. One of the questions thrown up in the air is if it’s going to support mods. Well, the answer is yes.

While being able to support mods was not specifically stated, it’s always going to be a part of all of Bethesda’s platform. In fact, they even supported projects that successfully overhauled their games. So if you’re thinking about modding the game, it’s definitely possible for The Elder Scroll 6.

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