Exposure to different forms of content is one of the best features of social media. For instance, a historical event can be presented in article form or through video, snippets of which can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the full video shared on YouTube. Such videos are easily consumed thanks to fast internet speeds.

However, there is still a portion of the globe that doesn’t have super quick internet connections or have really expensive mobile data rates. In such cases, apps like Snaptube come to the rescue by allowing users to download video for personal consumption.

Snaptube is one of the most popular YouTube downloaders and it is available for Android devices through an APK. The latest version available is version 4.56 and it has – as of this writing – a little over 690 million downloads.

Snaptube v4.56 Fixes and Improvements

With close to 700 million downloads, it’s quite clear that Snaptube has a large user base. Many developers only dream of having this large an audience, and the huge numbers can also impact the quality of the app. How so?

Users are consumers who want to be satisfied. They download a certain app and hope that it fulfills certain needs. In this case, they download Snaptube for its ability to download YouTube videos. With many other similar apps, the chances of being chosen as THE only app for such a purpose highly depends on their satisfaction.

If they have tested all the features and have found an app satisfactory enough, they are than willing to stick with you. However, they are also entitled as a consumer to voice their comments and suggestions in the hopes of making the experience better.

Such consumer information should be taken into account by developers since a certain bias towards a product might blind them from certain flaws. Correcting that bias is where a consumer comes in. A healthy relationship between consumer and developer is a recipe for app longevity.

For this version, Snaptube developers decided to focus on performance improvements. With many other similar competitors lying around, the failure to address performance issues will surely see users leave you for another.

Why Isn’t Snaptube Available OTA?

Given that the Android platform has a marketplace of its own in Google Play and that Snaptube is an app that is compatible on said platform, why isn’t it found on the Play Store then?

Although Android is not as strict compared to Apple when it comes to apps that can be made available on its marketplace, it does take a hard stance on copyright infringement. After all, Snaptube allows you to download videos freely off YouTube. As such, the app is only available via an APK.

For those familiar with Windows, an APK functions just like an installer. You just need to download it from a reputable source and tap on it to start the installation process. And just like that, you can enjoy saving your favorite videos to your mobile device for viewing anytime and anywhere.

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