A lot of fans are looking forward to the latest Tamil movie releases from Internet piracy websites like TamilGun. Well, there is quite a collection of illegal piracy sites all around the Internet. But if you are fond of Tamil movies, TamilGun is the one that leads the pack.

However, this caused for a concern from movie directors and producers as newly released movies in theaters are also leaked online at the same time.

Piracy Website

TamiGun has been on the hot seat due to it is activity of uploading pirated versions of Tamil movies over the Internet. Users can just browse through their website and download the available movie from there.

At the same time, TamilGun leaks movies from other industries, such as Bollywood, Mollywood, and Tollywood. Unfortunately, the alleged administrator of the website was caught by Triplicane police.

Piracy Site Admin Finally Caught

In the move to curb movie piracy in the region, the whole Tamil film industry has been vigilant in prosecuting the perpetrators. In fact, in a major campaign against piracy, the alleged admin of TamilGun, Gauri Shankar, was finally arrested by authorities.

The members of the Producers’ council has really earned the fruits of their hard work by sending the criminally liable Shankar to jail. It was really a team effort as they worked night and day to track and identify the person behind the piracy of Tamil movies.

Similar Websites Of TamilGun

Many other alternative sites are used by culprits aside from TamilGun, which include the following.

  • TamilTV
  • TamilDBox
  • TamilRockers
  • V100v

Due to the effort of the government of India, some sites have been blocked in its campaign to curb piracy websites in the country.

Blocked Site

TamilGun website is one of the many websites banned by the government of India. But you simply can’t deny the fact that people demand certain sites that may be reported as deceptive.

Currently, TamilGun website has been blocked in India, but may not be elsewhere. However, there are warnings about the site when you try to browse it over the Internet.

You may be able to proceed if you think that you can ignore the allegedly unsafe site to visit. Deceptive sites are known for phishing schemes and malware attacks. Thus, you can proceed to a particular site, which you think may not cause you any harm.


Despite banning TamilGun from online access, TamilGun.rocks still operates freely. In fact, you simply have to search for the link provided and then the site will automatically display an array of Tamil movies right before your very eyes.

You can select from several HD Movies, New Movies, TV Series, TV Shows, and some live TV Shows. You can also have a Hindi version of the movies available for downloading or watching.

Why Certain Websites Get Away Easily

The fact that piracy websites are so popular, they have been reported by intellectual property owners. Thus, administrators of such websites are warned and prosecuted for illegal activities.

Nevertheless, a lot of piracy websites get away with it because they are difficult to trace. In fact, they secure their sites to avoid getting caught. Most of these sites use Cloudflare networks to be able to mask their true location from intruders.

Video credit: T-Series Telugu

For instance, when you are located in the US, that particular website will be connected to the closest server. Therefore, it is so difficult to locate the real location online.

Moreover, when they purchase or renew subscriptions to their domains, they use a different form of currency called cryptocurrency. This is not your typical denomination because it is a type of digital currency using encryption techniques in regulating the generation of units, verifying the transfer of units, and operating independently of a central bank.

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