To many people, refurbished equipment is older hardware of lower quality. But as manufacturers release newer technology, it can be quite confusing distinguishing what they mean by refurbished. Refurbished equipment could be a lightly used device or a trial purchase of user, or it could mean that a device was already extensively used before the end of a firms equipment lease.

Without doing due diligence when it comes to purchasing refurbished technology, you might be taking chances on equipment that you may later think of as disappointing. However, that does not mean that the equipment isn’t a good choice. If you are shopping for refurbished technology such as desktops, laptops, or other technology for your business, there are some important things that you must keep in mind.

Purchase from a manufacturer or reputable retailer

This is probably the most important thing to know when shopping for refurbished technology. Shopping directly from the manufacturer or a reputable retailer is usually the best guarantee that you can get when buying refurbished. This is usually because they vet equipment and ensure that they are in perfect condition. You will likely pay a little more than your average retailer, but you will be paying for a warranty and a solid product. If you are looking for a reliable retailer, then you should consider

Approved repair companies

If you are looking at other options besides from purchasing from a manufacturer, ensure that you do proper research on the store you are buying from. Manufacturers usually have approved technicians who are knowledgeable about their technology. The same applies to other refurbished technology like networking equipment. Several companies have the approval of the manufacturers to repair, restore, and resell their products. Buying from sites like Amazon or eBay can be risky, as you may not be able to verify the seller.


The warranty should be the first thing you check regardless of where you purchase refurbished equipment. Ensure that a warranty is included. Most manufacturers offer 90 days to one year warranties, depending on the model or nature of the technology.

Choose a good model

Before making a purchase, do proper research about the particular model that you are interesting in. The reliability of the device or equipment is very important, whether you are buying new or refurbished. Try to read as many expert reviews and user reviews as possible. User reviews help because they do not have any stake in the manufacturer and they are mostly honest about the performance of a given product.

Do it yourself

Another way to save a lot of money on used technology is by buying them and refurbishing them yourself. The DIY approach can be fun especially if you know what you are doing. If your company has a team of technicians, this might be the best approach to buying used technology.

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