If you are worried that you are unable to download an Android APK from the Google Play Store, then rejoice because you have finally made it here. The Play Store is the licensed repository for Android APKs but there are alternatives that you can also use.

Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting apps from alternate sources because they are absolutely free and most of all they are legally available. Here are some of the popular ways to download Google Play Store APKs.

App Of The Day

You might not have a Google Play Store on your Android mobile device, but you need not despair because help is here. All you have to do is to open a link to the source from the Internet browser of your mobile device.

Simply type “App of the day” on the search box and select from the suggested links. This may require you to install an app from that link. After successful installation, run it and it will automatically provide information about its compatibility with the device you are currently using.

Freapp – Free Apps Daily

Another way to download free apps for your Android device is through the app called Freapp. Apart from that, you can get free apps daily and heavy discounts on other apps. So if you don’t have the number one Android app store installed on your device, then perhaps this is the solution to your needs.

Amazon’s Underground

As the shopping app of Amazon for Android is going to shut down starting May 31, Amazon is offering free apps and games.

However, owners of Amazon Fire tablets are still going to enjoy this feature until the end of 2019. So this is your opportunity to get even paid apps for free and without any legal obligation.

Play Store Sales

Another way to download free Android apps other than the Play Store is through the app called Play Store Sales. It also provides great discounts on many paid apps. You may also get regular updates of your favorite apps with the Play Store Sales by adding it on your bookmarked pages.

Google Opinions Rewards

Another app you can get free Android APKs other than the Play Store is the Google Opinions Rewards app. This is a popular app for grabbing free Play Store credit, which you can use to get free Android APKs from the Play Store without spending anything.

Final Thoughts

Before you can install the alternative to Google Play Store APKs, it is important to consider a few tips first. In fact, a restriction blocks the installation of apps outside of the Play Store. This is part of the Android Operative system protocol.

Therefore, you have to be very careful not to install any app without you knowing about it to protect your devices against malicious attacks. Simply navigate towards Settings –> Security.

Then, check the option called Unknown Sources and tap OK on the prompted message to continue with the installation from unknown sources. Just remember to turn it off after you have installed the app on your mobile device.

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