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Kindle Scribe gets an update

Amazon has updated its e-book reader, Kindle Scribe, with some new functionality that may make the e-reader more versatile. Unlike previous Kindle e-readers, you can now write on the Kindle Scribe using the accompanying stylus. The latest update also allows for direct writing in books, crossword puzzles, and other supported documents, as stated in an […]

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The Best Massage Guns and Theraguns

Massage guns, or Theraguns, have gained a lot of popularity lately as they are able to help you relax and soothe your sore muscles, whether you’re a hard working athlete or just someone who has been sitting at their desk the whole day. The Theraguns that are made by Therabody, tend to be the most […]

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Lego releases arcade game with Pac-Man

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the release of the classic game Pac-Man by the Japanese company Namco, and in conjunction with this, Lego has unveiled a new building set that allows you to construct Pac-Man in an arcade game model. Lego’s “PAC-MAN game” is part of their Icons series, Lego’s initiative for “Lego for […]

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DJI releases new professional drone

DJI has released a new large-scale drone targeting businesses that need to inspect power lines, wind turbines, or similar tasks. The DJI Matrice 350 RTK comes with an HD camera system and an infrared system to avoid the drone unintentionally colliding with objects during its flight. The drone is equipped with DJI’s own O3 Enterprise […]

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Bitzee is small hologram-like pets

Canadian toy company Spin Master has unveiled something called Bitzee, small digital pets designed for children to play with and take care of. Unlike the classic Tamagotchi, which lived its life on a monochrome screen, the little Bitzee creatures come to life through colored hologram technology achieved with the help of LED lights. When you […]

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The first update of Matter is here

Now, the first update of the new smart home standard, Matter, is being released. CSA, the organization behind the standard, states that these are the improvements included in version 1.1: This update does not include support for any new types of devices, which is something that is needed. Currently, Matter does not support devices such […]

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Spacetop is an augmented reality laptop

A company called Sightful has showcased what they claim to be the world’s first augmented reality laptop, a laptop that replaces the screen with paired AR glasses. Sightful’s AR laptop is called Spacetop and promises a screen size equivalent to 100 inches using the Nreal AR glasses that come with the Spacetop. In terms of […]

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BirdBuddy showcases new bird feeders

BirdBuddy, the company that develops “smart” bird feeders, has unveiled two new models of their bird feeders. One is designed for hummingbirds, and the other includes an integrated bird bath in the feeding station. With BirdBuddy’s bird feeders, owners can keep track of the birds that visit using a built-in camera in the feeder. With […]

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Lego showcases an impressive Batman build

Lego, in collaboration with DC Comics, has developed an impressive new building set based on Batman’s headquarters, the Batcave. The building set is called “Batcave – Shadow Box” and, in its design, resembles a black brick wall with the Batman logo. However, it can be opened up, revealing a parking space for the Batmobile, as […]

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Sennheiser releases earplugs

Sennheiser, the company best known for its headphones, is now releasing a pair of earplugs called SoundProtex. These are quite advanced earplugs that Sennheiser primarily intends for use during concerts. Unlike traditional earplugs, it is claimed that the user can experience the concert without the music being distorted or ruined by the earplugs. Sennheiser writes […]

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Amazon is working on making smart home robots smarter

Business Insider has obtained information indicating that Amazon is working on developing an artificial intelligence that could make robots in smart homes a bit more useful. Amazon’s new robot project is called “Burnham” and utilizes generative AI, the type of AI used, for example, in ChatGPT, to enhance the functionality of the robots. Robots with […]

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Google is developing a mouse that can be controlled with facial expressions

Google has unveiled a new gaming-oriented project that allows users to control a mouse solely through facial movements. They call it “Project Gameface,” and it was developed in collaboration with gamer Lance Carr, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, a group of diseases that weaken the body’s muscles. There have been head-controlled mice available previously, but […]

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Netatmo releases smart AC controller

Smart home manufacturer Netatmo is now releasing a new product called the Smart AC Controller, which allows users to take control of their air conditioning or air heat pumps and manage their home’s energy consumption and comfort even from a distance. According to Netatmo, this device is compatible with all air conditioning units and air-to-air […]

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Chipolo releases Airtags for Android

AirTags are truly a brilliant invention, and it’s a shame that it has taken a while for alternatives to Apple’s small trackers to come out. But now, Chipolo is releasing two products for Android users who want the same experience. The products are called ONE Point and CARD Point and work with Android’s Find My […]

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Google’s answer to AirTag

Google’s AirTag challenger doesn’t seem to be far off now, as the tracker now appears to have a name and icon. Hidden deep inside Google’s Material Icons catalog on the Google Fonts website, Neil Rahmouni has found a new icon for a product called Nest Locator Tag, which is likely to be Google’s upcoming tracker. […]

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Amazon gets Matter support via iOS

It is now possible to activate Matter via Thread from iOS with Amazon’s Echo devices. Amazon has previously rolled out an update that provides its smart speakers with support for the new standard, but the installation process could only be performed via Android. At the same time, the second generation Echo, Echo Plus, and Echo […]