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A Guide to Editing Photos on Your Phone

Due to the important role pictures play in terms of memory and aesthetics, would it not be cool to capture those moments in the most visually-appealing way possible? Well, photo editing can make that happen. Editing your pictures can take them from basic to extraordinary. The right photo editing apps can enhance the colors, lighting, […]

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Google’s Now Playing feature gets statistics

Google appears to be expanding its “Now Playing” feature on Pixel phones with a new “Summary” tab that compiles the songs you’ve heard. The feature listens to ambient sounds and matches them with a song database stored locally on your device to identify the music. “Now Playing” has previously shown a history of identified songs […]

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Marvel releases training app

Marvel has partnered with the company Six to Start, resulting in the story-based training app “Marvel Move.” In the Marvel Move app, the user will be prompted to move by performing certain missions involving characters from the Marvel universe. This includes stories featuring Thor and Loki, Hulk, X-Men, Daredevil, as well as Doctor Strange and […]

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Strava gets Spotify integration

Now, the popular running app Strava finally supports Spotify, so you don’t have to open and control two different apps if you want to listen to music during your runs. When Spotify is added to Strava, users get a widget at the bottom of the screen where they can select and pause music. Strava has […]

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It will be easier to delete your data in Android apps

Google has updated its guidelines for Android developers, which among other things means that it should be easier for users to delete data stored via apps developed for Android. In an update to the new guidelines, Google writes, among other things: For apps that enable app account creation, developers will soon need to provide an […]

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Spotify scraps Spotify Live

Music Ally reports that Spotify is now shutting down its Clubhouse competitor, Spotify Live, the service where users could start their own audio broadcasts and allow listeners to participate in the conversation. A spokesperson for Spotify tells Music Ally that they are now shutting down Spotify Live: After a period of experimentation and learnings around […]

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Apple releases Apple Music Classical

Apple has just released maybe the ultimate classical music streaming experience that any Apple Music subscriber is able to use without any additional costs and is available for easy download on the App Store.  Apple Music Classical is essentially a standalone music streaming app whose sole purpose is to deliver the listening experience that the […]

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Now you can get ChatGPT on your Apple Watch

Petey is a new app for the Apple Watch that was released earlier this month, which allows users to have a small AI assistant on their wrist. Petey uses OpenAI’s language model GPT to answer users’ questions, which means that you can have ChatGPT on your wrist in practice. In the latest update of Petey, […]

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Today Apple Music Classical is launched

Today, Apple is finally releasing its highly anticipated app specifically designed for classical music – Apple Music Classical. Since Apple acquired the company Primesonic in 2021, there have been rumors that Apple would release its own app for classical music, which it is now doing. The new app is said to offer the world’s largest […]

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Duolingo to develop a music app

TechCrunch reports that Duolingo is developing an app where users can learn to create music in one way or another. There is currently not much information about how the app will work. Whether the idea behind the app is for users to learn to play instruments or write new music or both is still unclear. […]

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Google blocks apps from Chinese Pinduoduo

Yesterday, Google began flagging more apps from Chinese e-commerce giant Pinduoduo as malware in the Play Store. Users attempting to install, or who have already installed, apps from the company have reportedly received a warning on their device. Over the past few weeks, several Chinese security researchers have accused Pinduoduo, which is a growing e-commerce […]