Apple has just released maybe the ultimate classical music streaming experience that any Apple Music subscriber is able to use without any additional costs and is available for easy download on the App Store. 

Apple Music Classical

Apple Music Classical is essentially a standalone music streaming app whose sole purpose is to deliver the listening experience that the classical music fans out there deserve. Even the people who may have been able to listen to their favourite classical songs before will be able to experience them in a whole new way, thanks to immersive Spatial Audio. You’ll also be able to browse through playlists that have actually been expertly curated, get insightful biographies about your favourite composers, the descriptions of thousands upon thousands of different works and so much more. 

The Largest Classical Music Catalogue in the World

The Apple Music Classical library is huge, with over 5 million different tracks to choose from, making it actually the largest in the whole world. With this many different tracks available it covers the whole spectrum of classical music, from celebrated recordings that we know and love to forgotten gems. This large array of music to choose from may be intimidating at first, especially for beginners however, there is a hand-picked Editors Choice curation, which is a great place to start for those that don’t know classical music and want to just ease on into it.

Then for those listeners out there that are a little more knowledgeable about this subject, there is a list on this app of popular recordings to provide you with the perfect next step in your music journey, whilst also giving you an exciting chance to compare and contrast. The Apple Music Classical app is also home to thousands of exclusive albums, as well as various recordings done by world-famous orchestras. So, whoever you may be there is definitely something for you with this app. 

Search that has Been Built for Classical Music

When you are searching for a specific classical work then it can get hard and definitely confusing at times because some classical works have multiple movements and tracks, most famous pieces will have over hundreds of recordings with different orchestras, conductors or soloists, and finally a lot of composers will have their own specific catalogue classifications, which could range from Back’s MWV to  Mozart’s K.

So, in order to better cater for this complexity, Apple Music Classical has an all new search. This new search feature has been designed to give you exactly what you’re looking for in an instant by using all combinations of keywords, from composer and work, to opus number, conductor, artist, instrument or even a work’s nickname. So, now when you look up a specific work it’ll reveal all of its recordings as well as an Editor’s Choice performance. Then when you search for a composer it’ll also show all of their works. 

A New Interface that has Been Designed for Classical

New Interface that has Been Designed for Classical

The all new interface that this app has gotten ensures that all of its users always know exactly who and what they are listening to, at just a glance. So now what they will see is the works name, orchestra, conductor, contributing artists as well as the year that it was recorded. Then when it comes to making your own personal library of different works, the Apple Music Classical app lets not only add albums, tracks, playlists and artists, but you’ll now also be able to support unique classical categories such as works, composers and lastly recording. 

The Best Quality Audio

The Apple Music Classical app features lossless audio of up to 24 bit/192 kHz, no matter what you are listening to so that you are able to experience all the different nuances of every performance this app has available to you. Then if you switch to the Hi-Res Lossless mode, that this app also has, you’ll be surprised as to how crisp and clear the audio is and it’ll even feel as if each of these notes being played are close enough to reach out and touch.

Then lastly this app also contains Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos, which will let listeners feel as if they are sitting in the concert hall itself where this work is being played, thanks to the immersive 360-degree soundscape that you get with this listening mode. Although not every album will be available to listen to in this mode you’ll be happy to know that Apple Music Classical’s Spatial Audio catalogue is getting new additions every single week as the different legendary recordings are being remastered and contemporary performances are being captured in Spatial Audio. 

The Expert Recommendations and Classical Insights

Expert Recommendations and Classical Insights

In this app you’ll find that the Apple Music Classical’s editors have actually provided you with more than 700 different playlists that you can use to guide yourself through about 800 years of music, whilst more are still being added. So, for those beginners out there that are just getting into classical music you will be able to start with The Story of Classical audio guides. This carefully curated playlist is a blend of both expert commentary as well as selected works to introduce you to key composers, periods, instruments, as well as classical terminology.

Then for those that have been into classical music for a while and can call themselves devotees, you’ll be happy to know that you are able to go behind the scenes of certain recordings as a leading classical artists offer track-by-track audio commentary. Apple Music Classical also manages to keep the users of this app entertained by also highlighting a selection of works that aren’t that popular, called Hidden Gems, every single week. Then you also have playlists that are called Composer Undiscovers, which can bring you a whole new perspective to the famous names that you may already know. 

Easier Exploration

The exploration of all of the millions of different classical works have also been made easier thanks to the Apple Music Classical Browse tab. Here, in the browse tab, you’ll be able to browse the classical world from composers, instruments, periods to even conductors, orchestras, choirs, as well as classical genres like chamber music and stage works. With all of these different ways for you to explore the classical works out there, there are limitless possibilities for you to find your new favourite. 

New Artwork Exclusive to Apple Music Classical

New Artwork Exclusive to Apple Music Classical

All of the users that will be using Apple Music Classical will be very happy to know that you will be able to enjoy exclusive never before seen artwork, which include hundreds of playlist covers as well as unique digital portraits for many of the world’ greatest composers in high-resolution as well. Each of these images that blend both historical research as well as colour palettes and artistic references from the relevant classical periods have all been commissioned brom a diverse group of some excellent artists.

Most of these new artworks have actually been designed on Mac and iPad, an the result of each of these artworks really emphasise the artists attention to detail and have the ability to bring the listeners face to face with some of the leading figures within classical music, such as Bach, Beethoven, Hildegard von Bingen, Chopin, John Dowland, Fanny Mendelssohn, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky, Vivaldi and many many more. 

Final Words

These aren’t the only awesome things that Apple have implemented into their all new Classical Music app, they have even partnered up with a number of great classical institutions over the world, such as the amazing Berlin Philharmonic, Carnegie Hall, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the London Symphony Orchestra, the Metropolitan Opera, the New York Philharmonic, Opéra National de Paris, the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony as well as the Vienna Philharmonic, in order to give all the classical listeners out there on this app a new, unique and exclusive content as well as recording. 

So, whether you are a newbie to the classical world or someone that has been listening or even studying it for years, the new Apple Music Classical app is a great one to experience.

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