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Meta and Ray-Ban’s Smart Glasses Get Smarter

Meta has added new AI functionality to the smart glasses developed in collaboration with Ray-Ban, making these glasses genuinely “smart.” The new features in Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses enable the glasses to recognize what the user is looking at. Utilizing this, users can get translations of texts in different languages, identify various objects around them, […]

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Intel launches Core 14000 Meteor Lake

Intel is introducing the Core 14000 “Meteor Lake” family for laptops, with a focus on energy efficiency, improved graphics, and dedicated hardware for artificial intelligence. Meteor Lake is the first consumer-oriented processor family with a chiplet design, consisting of five separate die. Intel employs the Foveros 3D technology to stack these die with high bandwidth […]

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Opera unveils its new web browser, Opera One

Opera has released an early version of a new web browser named “Opera One“. The new browser has been completely redesigned compared to the current Opera Browser, according to a press release from Opera. They use something called Modular Design, which they explain more about: The new design philosophy, which is being presented today for […]

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Why is GBWhatsApp Not Working?

(Updated) GB Whatsapp is a WhatsApp MOD where you can customize the functions on your chat application. Even though you already have WhatsApp installed on your device, you can use GBWhatsApp at the same time without interference. To get started, you need to have an active phone number which will be used for verification process. […]

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PSN Plus: Premium Features For Smart Subscribers

PlayStation Plus is a popular PlayStation Network (PSN) subscription service that allows users to access premium features. Tons of extras are also included, namely access to beta trials, regular store discounts, and upcoming games. Moreover, it can also provide users the ability to acquire system software updates as well as download game patches automatically to […]

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Is Showbox Available on iOS?

Showbox functions very much like Netflix in that it is a streaming platform offering a wide range of TV shows and movies to consume. It was available on the Android platform but there are confusing reports as to its current status. Knowing that, is it possible to install the app on an iOS platform then? […]