Opera has released an early version of a new web browser named “Opera One“. The new browser has been completely redesigned compared to the current Opera Browser, according to a press release from Opera.

opera one

They use something called Modular Design, which they explain more about:

The new design philosophy, which is being presented today for the first time, will allow Opera to over time build a more powerful and feature-rich browser that is ready for a generative AI-based future. The Opera browser is thus beginning its metamorphosis into a browser that will dynamically adapt to the user’s needs by bringing only the key features to the foreground: the relevant modules within Opera One will adjust automatically based on context, providing the user with a more liquid and effortless browsing experience.


It includes generative AI services and they plan to integrate their own AI service.

Opera also states that, in addition to incorporating several generative AI services such as ChatGPT and ChatOn, they plan to launch their own AI service that will be integrated into Opera One.

With Opera One, ChatGPT, ChatSonic and the new AI Prompts feature are switched on by default. 
Beyond creating space for existing generative AI services, the new design is also laying the groundwork for the AI services Opera is planning to unveil in the near future.


You can check out an introduction video to Opera One below. If you would like to test the Opera One developer version, it is available for download here. There is currently no information on when Opera One is expected to completely replace the current Opera Browser.

This is Opera One

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