After the success of The Sims 4 some years ago, fans can’t help but look forward to the upcoming release of The Sims 5. In fact, there are speculations suggesting that it will be released in 2019 or 2020.

Release Pattern

Basically, the normal interval between each Sims installment is around 4 to 5 years. Thus, since the release of The Sims 4 in 2014, the next big thing is supposed to be out this year.

Understandably so, fans simply couldn’t hide their excitement since the New Year kicked in. Rumors even went to some degree that they could actually predict what happens next to The Sims franchise.

But before going psychic over The Sims 5, here are new features, gameplays, and platform you can expect out of the upcoming release.

A Huge World And No Loading Screens

The Sims 5 will no longer use loading screens because it will be featuring a large world the characters can explore. Although this is not a groundbreaking feature, it would be an important feature.

The Sims 1-3 has allowed the characters to explore, but the 4th installment didn’t feature it anymore. The advantage of having a huge world is that you can get around, go to parties, work, and go home.

Driving Vehicles Around

According to sources, The Sims 5 will definitely have cars for people to drive. There seems to be no reason why players are not allowed to drive vehicles in such an engaging game as The Sims.

3D Gameplay

The usual stuff that The Sims has always offered should be quite obvious, including the 3D experience. This makes players feel they are really part of The Sims worlds. This means that The Sims 5 will definitely bring back the 3D gameplay with tons of other cool features.

Refined Graphics

Gone are the days when the players have to endure The Sims series with pixelated characters. Since its early days, the series obviously evolved providing 3D experience with animations and cut scenes.

Moreover, the user interface has also been polished, making it easier to navigate. Therefore, it will be highly unlikely that The Sims will revisit history after experimenting with low-quality pixels or cell-shaded graphics to represent the player.

Return Of Toddlers And Babies

There was an unexpected change with The Sims 4 when it was released which was the removal of toddlers. That made fans so confused and disappointed and now they are looking forward to get the life stage back. Therefore, the upcoming installment will be re-introducing babies and toddlers.

Clock Adjustment

There was an issue pertaining to the length of time that a Sim will consume 2 hours just eating a grilled cheese sandwich. Although this was meant to mimic real life situations, people mostly do not take hours to consume an average meal, right?

Therefore, The Sims 5 should take much less time at completing actions, particularly simple activities as eating. Perhaps it will be much better if they will have the ability to multitask so as to achieve multiple goals at once.

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  1. Where are you getting your information? Has Sims 5 even been announced yet? Sources please. Thanks.

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