In every game franchise, there’s always that anticipation building up for the next installment. Right after a new title is released, players and fans are already looking forward to the next one.

The Sims 4 is no exception.

But while it’s normal to think fans are looking forward to The Sims 5, this isn’t exactly the case.

If you scour the net, you’ll see that people are craving for features that will make The Sims 4 complete and provide them with a better gaming experience.

If they’ll have their way, the game would be improved to their liking and no one will have a say in it.

But because they can only appeal to the developers, they’re making themselves heard.

What exactly do fans want for The Sims 4?

Plenty, actually.

If game developers were to cater to all of them, the app will take up a huge chunk of storage space and processing power.

But a majority of fans are looking for:

More specific character options

They want their characters to be distinctly unique with the voice and body language that they want. If the sim personality is supposed to be boisterous, then it shouldn’t act similar to the reserved type.

At the moment, a wild party sim flirts and laughs similar to a bookish sim.

Bring back the color wheel

And preferably a better one with more color options. From the way things are, however, many fans believed the color wheel is a goner despite how badly they want it.

But if game developers would listen, they would love to have more realistic color options with every item having a basic color swatch.

Better building options

One of the biggest draws of The Sims is the ability of players to build their dream homes. But 4 franchises later, there are still many features lacking.

People want to be able to build bigger properties with a second story or more. Split level houses are also a highly-requested feature.

And some are very particular about dimensions and having the freedom to build rooms in different foundation heights and draw them in centimeters, inches, or meters. A lot of them even want a half tile to be added.

Expansion Packs

What better way to enjoy the game more than to have options to switch to different platforms? People want to see The Sims 4 University, Island Paradise, Farming, Supernatural, and other possible Game Packs.

With the ability to create a virtual world based on imagination alone, people want their options expanded, and to be able to create the reality they want and not the reality they’re experiencing now.

These are just some of the features that fans want to see in the next round of upgrades.

As of this month, the latest update that EA released launched the Freelancer Career, a set of new objects and clothing, the Immaculate White Shelf, a few bug fixes and app updates, and the ability of the player to acquire items from the Moschino X The Sims Capsule Collection. Not exactly what fans are looking for but, who knows?

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