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Honor unveils the foldable phone Purse V

During the IFA fair, Honor has showcased a new foldable phone called Purse V. This is currently a concept where Honor is playing with the idea of turning the phone into a similar accessory to a handbag. Unlike most other foldable models released on the market so far, Honor’s Purse V features the screen on […]

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Sony presents Xperia 5 V

Sony is now launching its latest premium phone with the Xperia 5 V, which features the latest Exmor T for mobile camera sensor. The phone has dual lenses on the back with three different focal lengths: 16mm, 24mm, and 48mm. The OLED screen measures 6.1 inches and runs at 120 Hz. The phone’s battery has […]

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Here is the Fairphone 5

The Dutch company Fairphone is now releasing its latest smartphone, which of course, as usual, focuses heavily on sustainability – the Fairphone 5. The new phone is touted to be the most ethically produced, most sustainable, and most easily repairable smartphone on the market. Even more components can now be replaced by the user themselves […]

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Asus will continue with Zenfone

Yesterday, we wrote about how it seemed that Asus was about to discontinue its Zenfones after company restructuring. Now, Asus has responded to the report from Taiwanese media, stating that they are indeed not going to stop producing Zenfones, and that the rumor simply isn’t true. However, it’s worth mentioning that Asus is soon going […]

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The iPhone Decades: iPhone Sales Per Year (2007-2027)

Since its launching in 2007, the iPhone has redefined technological standards. This device reshaped how we communicate, gather information, and do business. The first iPhone, with its innovative large touchscreen, stood out from the typical smartphones of its time. The iPhone has set new benchmarks in the smartphone world, influencing various aspects of our lives. […]

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Xiaomi introduces foldable Mix Fold 3

Xiaomi is now releasing its third foldable phone in the form of the flagship Mix Fold 3, which Xiaomi claims can be folded 500,000 times, surpassing Honor’s Magic V2 by 100,000 folds and exceeding Samsung and Google’s latest devices by 200,000 folds. The hinge can be locked at angles between 45 to 135 degrees. However, […]

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These Samsung devices should get Android 14

It won’t be too long before Google releases Android 14 for its Pixel phones and other manufacturers, including Samsung. But which Samsung phones will receive the upcoming update? SamMobile has compiled a list based on Samsung’s update policy for the respective models. The list can be found below. These Samsung devices are expected to […]

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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Review

When it comes to the initial launch of Samsung’s first foldable phone, it truly wasn’t the smoothest in history, with quite an interesting price tag and a screen protector that would leave the handset unusable if you were to remove it. However, since this, they’v managed to learn their lessons and have finally succeeded in […]

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Samsung unveils Galaxy Z Flip 5

While many other phone manufacturers haven’t even launched their first foldable phone, Samsung is now on the fifth generation of its foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Z Fold 5. As expected, there are no revolutionary changes, but the most significant improvements this year are definitely seen in the Z Flip 5, which […]

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Indian Jio releases $12 4G phone

The Indian mobile operator Jio has developed a super cheap 4G phone that they hope will appeal to those with a very limited mobile budget. The primary idea seems to be to persuade the approximately 250 million Indians still using the country’s 2G network to upgrade and start using 4G, something that many have not […]